Many theorists have come up with the idea that Kaido is a Typhon fruit eater.

I think Gekko Moriah’s crew is a foreshadow of Kaido’s crewKaido desires an all devil fruit user crew but essentially it looks he wants ZoansKaido is named The King Of Beasts/100 beast Kaido. The Typhon in Greek mythology is recognized as the father of all creatures. In Moriah’s crew, we saw zombie versions of Greek mythical creatures like the Cerberus and Manticore. Abasalom was even based on the Nemean Lion of Greek mythology.

Wano is under Yonko Kaido’s control and has broad associations to Dragons. Moriah took the body of Ryuma who was recognized for slaying a Dragon. So maybe Ryuma was prepared to battle a Dragon Devil Fruit user.

We know Kaido was taken by the Marines several times. So them doing experiments on him is very reasonable.

When you take a fresh look at Kaido, you see he has a moustache similar to an eastern style dragon as well as a dragon scale tattoo. He’s Too “The Strongest Creature in Air”. So that indicates he can seemingly fly, What’s the strongest creature that can fly? – a Dragon

Don’t ignore though Kaido is also “The Toughest Creature on Land”. I think One Piece has a creature identified as an Oars. Oars expose a lot of similarity to Ogres. Oars could have been made by Moria to compete Kaido head on they own the size and body type.

Then there’s the sign left on Punk Hazard of Vegapunk’s lab. There was the skull of a creature that is probably an Ogre/Oars. The Marines also engaged in gigantification tests they did on prisoners. Could Kaido be an escapee? With the fact they were testing on prisoners and the enormous skull. On this island, you had Smile, Gigantification, Oars, Dragons, and Prisoner experimenting.

I believe Vegapunk did use Oars and Dragon DNA on KaidoVegapunk built Kaido to be a weapon. But he didn’t finish with Oars and Dragons he used several different animals. We know Vegapunk created fake Devil Fruits which are various different Zoan Devil fruits and we know he was doing Dragon experiment.

Now I don’t assume Kaido has a Devil Fruit or smile on his body. Smile has the very rules as Devil fruits as far as seawater is affected. Also, Smile is Ceaser’s work and separate than Vegapunk’s fake Devil Fruit. I believe Kaido is a Chimera( A combination of various different animals DNA). Which in turn presented Kaido as a creature.

Typhon is principally a Chimera, but I don’t consider Kaido got that form from a Devil Fruit. It was from tests but not from the smile.

Kaido is the “Strongest Creature on Sea” so if he can’t swim how’s that even imaginable? I believe he likewise has DNA of a FishmanKaido attempts to do suicide all the time. If he had a Devil Fruit he could just fall into the ocean. He was arrested and they tried to kill him! If he had a devil fruit the Marines would drown him.

I believe Kaido is a Chimera created by Dr Vegapunk. He has Oars Dragon and many of other creatures DNA inside of him. He has no devil fruit or smile. If he can change he’ll look similar a creature with many animals characteristics.

Theory By – RomanceDawn



One Piece Just Revealed Luffy’s Most Badass New Power

One Piece Chapter 893 just came out, and it was pretty hard to believe. In the last chapter, we saw Luffy and Katakuri fighting and Luffy gets stabbed by Katakuri’s Three Forks Spear and the chapter ends.

One Piece chapter 893 begins with a flashback. Luffy remembers back to when Rayleigh showed him how to use Observation Haki to start. Silver Rayleigh told Luffy that the power is just a person’s instincts “brace up to a higher level” and that it provides one the “ability to unconsciously sense things and react to them.”

Rayleigh explaining Luffy about the Observation Haki. Unconsciously is the term used by Rayleigh here.
There was a cause Luffy was matched with Katakuri, and exactly with this flashback, Oda revealed it to us. Activating a greater consciousness with Haki!

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