Everybody knows the king of pirates: Gol D. Roger. Despite the fact that a lot of people saw him being executed in public, I believe that he is waiting on the island of Raftel for the one who will carry the world on his shoulders and turn it upside down.

“But he’s dead, how is it possible that he’s on Raftel?”
Of course he is dead and, in fact, I didn’t say that he’s alive. To make my theory more clear, let me introduce it to you: Roger died in order to make the great pirate era start; this process should bring to a new pirate king who supposedly would inherit Roger’s will and knowledge and finish what he started.

In addition, like all the others D., Roger died with a smile on his face: why? Was it caused by the fact that he knew something that we still don’t know? Like, for example, that death isn’t the end? In fact, Roger was executed in a place called “The Town Of Beginnings”, and, you know, nothing ends at the beginning.

Furthermore, the last time Roger spoke to Silvers Rayleigh, he said “I’m not gonna die, partner”, so, why did he say so? Was it a message?
In fact, although Roger was just a “mere pirate”, he had learned everything a man could learn about the world and its history; by doing this he reached a level of knowledge and comprehension of the world that no one had ever reached over almost 1000 years.

Moreover, in the world of One Piece, we know that there’s a huge consideration of the “afterlife”; this can be seen, for example, in Brook’s case, whose soul is free to go out of his body and, further, when he died, his soul even came back from the Heaven in order to search his body. That was, of course, due to the Devil Fruit that Brook ate when he was alive, but anyway such a kind of ability gives us a proof about the existence of the concept of “soul” and the “afterlife” condition as something that continues making people living in a certain way.

On the other hand, as far as our “real” world is concerned, surfing the Internet I found out that there was a pirates’ habit for which they used to kill two of their crew members in order to let their ghosts protect their treasures; of course, we know that Roger would have never done something like this, since he used to care deeply for his crew members.

Here it comes my explanation: what if Roger had already understood that Raftel was in danger and, for this reason, he let himself being executed in order to use his own death as a way to make his spirit (or “ghost”) the guardian of the presumed treasure he placed on the legendary island?

Well, we don’t even know anything about what his powers were when he was alive, so we can’t exclude that they allowed him to do something like this; can you imagine? Luffy arrives at Raftel, possibly alongside Shanks, and they both meet the man who inspired their lives, amazing!


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