In the incredibly vast world of One Piece, we met a lot of different races, such as, for example, Titans, Demons, Mermaids etc, but are we sure that we’ve met all of them? What if there are some other races that we haven’t already seen?

Anyway, all of those species of living beings are characterized by some esthetic features and, talking about esthetic features, we’ve discovered since a while Katakuri’s real aspect: he has some incredible teeth and two horrible scars on his cheek. Who do you think about when you look at those scars? I’ll help you: Bartolomeo!

As you can see in the two photos below, Bartolomeo has the same mouth and the same scars as Katakuri. What could this mean? In order to answer this question, let’s go to remember Bartolomeo’s past until the Dressrosa arc: we know that, during his early years as a child, he had a pretty sad and rough childhood, since he had a mother who died when he was still very young and, as far as we know, he has never met his father; in addition, his scars are supposed to come from some event that he lived during this hard period of his life.

Once he grew up, he became the kingpin of an important Mafia-like organization, but 2 years ago Bartolomeo saw Luffy in Loguetown; while the son of Monkey D. Dragon was about to be executed by Buggy, a lightning fell down from the sky and saved the boy, so Bartolomeo decided that he would have help Luffy in becoming the Pirates’ King and started to follow his exploits until the Dressrosa Arc, in which Bartolomeo has even fought alongside the Mugiwaras against the Donquijote Family.

Now, we’ve already said that Bartolomeo’s mouth and scars are similar to Katakuri’s ones, right? Well, they have something more in common: Bartolomeo’s clothes have the same color as Katakuri’s hair and, at this point, if we are going to see that Katakuri’s mochi is green, then this connection will be definitely obvious; if this is going to become true, this would mean that there’s a real connection between these two characters, and it wouldn’t be a casual connection, since we know that Oda never does anything for no reason.

“In what sense?”

I mean that, if this connection becomes true, Katakuri and Bartolomeo could possibly belong to a particular race that we’ve never seen before and which is characterized by such a mouth and teeth and I don’t what else.

Moreover, I also believe that, always assuming that this prediction will become true, Katakuri could also be Bartolomeo’s father, since Bartolomeo has never met his father and, during the piracy era, it was a common habit for pirates to get pregnant their lovers and then set sail, without ever seeing their children.