Hey everyone! In this post, I want to talk about the second son of Big Mom, Charlotte Katakuri. As you all probably know, Katakuri is the strongest Sweet Commander in the Big Mom Pirates. He has a bounty of over 1 Billion berries ok his head, which makes him the most notorious Pirate known in One Piece so far.

Katakuri is the main antagonist of that Whole Cake Island arc, and he is currently fighting Luffy in the mirror world. It has been a while since these two have been going at it now. Both Luffy and Katakuri have been fighting for hours. They’re both wheezing as a result, and right now the fight is at its end. One Piece manga chapter 895 showed us the very peak of the climax of the fight between Luffy, and Katakuri.

Despite Luffy using everything that he had in his arsenal, Katakuri isn’t fazed at all. He didn’t lose his cool, and even now, he is at an advantage in this fight. He was not able to predict the movements of Snakeman at first, but later, he figured it out, and from there onwards, he was in the driving seat again. An interesting detail to notice about Katakuri was his attack that he revealed in the latest chapter, called Zangiri Mochi, or Dice Mochi.

This attack definitely looks to be the strongest in his arsenal. An interesting detail to notice about this attack is Katakuri’s Haki. As you all probably know, there are levels to Armament Haki. The base looks like a black cover. However, the other form is Busoshoku Byogou, which was debuted during the Whole Cake Island arc.

There’s a difference in hardness, and this one is a lot harder. Another form of Haki is the one that Luffy uses in Gear 4; the one with Flame patterns. Big Mom also used this type of Haki when she clashed with Luffy, and it certainly is different/stronger than regular Haki. We don’t know how strong it is, or why it is different, but it looks like the strongest abilities are imbued in Flame Haki.

An interesting detail to notice about Charlotte Katakuri’s Dice Mochi is that he imbued it in flame Haki. This isn’t just a random pattern. Oda wouldn’t draw it for no apparent reason. It is definitely an implication that the strongest form of Haki is being used, and Katakuri just revealed that he is a user of the technique as well. Is there anything this guy can’t do? He’s a pure monster, and I absolutely love the character development that he’s been getting recently.


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