One Piece Manga has been concentrating on the Thousand Sunny as of lately, but we should prepare for a change when it returns this week.
Spoilers for the manga’s chapter 891 have made the rounds with fans, and one blurb gives the specific nod to Luffy.

According to the spoilers, Luffy will resume his battle with Katakuri in the Mirro-World, but things will not be easy for the Luffy.
Every time Katakuri strikes down Luffy, he stands up.

Katakuri is happy about his one-up, but things will not go well for the man once he gloats to Luffy.
Luffy will remember the words Rayleigh once told him about Haki power-ups, and spoilers say Luffy will take a step towards victory.

Luffy rises up each time Katakuri beats him down.

Katakuri: This is how it tastes like when all your strikes are foreseen.

Luffy calms down and remembers Rayleigh’s words.

Luffy cancels Katakuri’s attack by kicking back precisely at the same as Katakuri attacks. Although Luffy does it with low probability, Katakuri is shocked that Luffy was able to see the exact same future like him.

We are not too shocked to catch that Luffy will surprise Katakuri. After all, One Piece did indicate at Luffy’s concern in leveling up his Observation Haki. After Luffy escaped the Mirro World, He remembered Rayleigh’s teachings of Haki and how its real potential can only be found through intense battle. Luffy said he needed to unlock the same strong Observation Haki which Katakuri already has, and the next chapter of One Piece may send Luffy down that path.

Sunny: Although they’re getting overwhelmed by Yonko Big mom, they still able to hold her off. And at that instant, a ship that leaks the smell of a cake emerges.


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