Warning! Spoilers for One Piece’s 890th chapter:

Source – Sandman(AP)

Chapter – “Big Mom on the ship.”

Yonko Big Mom tries to destroy Thousand Sunny to investigate for a wedding cake.

Jinbe explains to her that there is no cake on the ship. She replies that if that is the problem she has to kill her eldest son.

Prospero is surprised to hear that since he believed he managed to deceive her.

Big Mom says Jinbe not to call her son deceiver. She tries to cut down Jinbe with her flaming sword. Jinbe stops her slash but gets blasted away after all.

Nami demands Big Mom not to destroy the ship because Carrot is in the room. The fire on Big Mom’s hair reaches to the sail. Chopper blocks her strike right before Nami got hit.

Jinbe puts out the flame and blows away Big Mom from Sunny with seawater, but she appears back soon. She plans to slice sunny and search for the cake.

Nami tries to deceive Zeus again, but he attacks her this time. Brook got assaulted by a thunderbolt, but it doesn’t harm him at all because he is just a bone, Brook cuts Zeus. Nami rushes towards Big Mom with the thunderbolt of Zeus, which stops her for a while.

Nami and Co. escape from Yonko Big Mom, Nami catches Zeus who has no energy to battle anymore. Nami scares and makes him her slave. Big Mom starts following Thousand Sunny with Prometheus.


So it looks like Jinbe will try to inform Big Mom that straw hat doesn’t have a cake, but she isn’t preferred to listen. The review goes on to feature that Big Mom will fight OneVsOne with Jinbe, Nami, and also Chopper before the waning Yonko can be driven back. The Yonko seems to have lost her initiative now she has slimmed down, and fans believe the gradual change isn’t one that will grant power to Big Mom.