In these days I have collected some interesting and almost unknown facts about One Piece and I guess the majority of you still didn’t know them.

Let’s see them:


The only people who know the ending of One Piece are Oda, his editor and a kid who had cancer and whose last wish was to know the end of his favorite anime, so Oda met him and told him everything about the end of the story.


After chapter 597, Oda stated that it was only the end of the first half of the whole series.


No one of the men in the Straw Hat Pirates knew hot to tie a tie until they met Sanji.


Mozu and Kiwi, as known as “The Square Sisters”, aren’t twins like everybody thinks. In fact, Mozu was born on the 7th of January, while Kiwi was born on the 1st of September, so, although they were born in the same year, they can’t be considered properly as “twins”.


Speed Jiru is 14th division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. It could seem strange, but Oda stated that he is the fastest member of his whole crew and, in fact, we saw him easily blocking one of Kizaru’s light-laser beam.


Nami has been the first Straw Hat Pirates member to appear in One Piece, not even Luffy had appeared before her!


Once Oda stated that there will be an eyepatch-wearing pirate in the final arc of One Piece.


Once Oda said: “if Akainu was the main character of the series, I could make One Piece ending easily within a year”. I don’t think that this statement was referring to Akainu’s strength, but, on the contrary, Oda meant that Akainu, as a protagonist, would have killed everyone with no hesitation like Eustass Kid and this would have been probably due to his idea of “absolute justice”, which brought him to fight against Aokiji in order to gain the charge of Fleet Admiral.


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