We all know that the most famous pirate ever is Gol D. Roger.

Despite his fame, Roger was also known for being incredibly strong, so much to have been able to reach Raftel and discover the truth about the Void Century, besides being named “Pirates King”.

At this point, what were his powers when he was alive?

After reading some theories on the internet about the possibility that he might have eaten a Devil Fruit, I’ve decided to introduce you the 4 ideas I’ve found more attractive (despite this, I’m not convinced that they’re all possible).

Before starting with the compilation, I think we have to remember that Whitebeard became the strongest man on the Earth only after Roger’s death; this means that Roger was even stronger than Whitebeard, and we all know how powerful was that man! He was a Yonko and this is enough.

Anyway, let’s go:


In some people’s opinion, maybe Roger had eaten a special Devil Fruit which allowed him to stop time, not for anyone but just for himself, in the sense that, thanks to it, he could avoid getting older or also he could get older more slowly.

Why do they think so? Well, because we know that Roger crossed the Grand Line more than once, and the Grand Line is known for being really long, so that those people thought that he should be too old for being a “normal” person.

In my opinion this doesn’t make any sense: first of all, because this kind of power would have been useful only to travel and it wouldn’t have given Roger any incredible strength thanks to which he has been able to reach Raftel; secondly, we know that the Mugiwaras have crossed half of the Grand Line in about one year time, so that it doesn’t deserve so much time to be crossed.


Some other people sustain the idea for which Roger would have eaten this incredible and very particular Paramecia-type Devil Fruit; they are allowed to think so thanks to what we all saw during the Episode Zero, in which Shiki attacked Roger with a lot of ships but, thanks to a sudden storm, Shiki was defeated and Roger has been able to run away.

I think this is possible, but some other people (like me, for example) think that the storm in reality was caused by the egg Roger was transporting on his ship, since that egg could have been a primordial form of Uranus, the Ancient Weapon which is supposed to be able to control the weather.


The Oni Oni no Mi is one of the strongest Paramecia-type Devil Fruit; we know for sure that it had been eaten by Arthur Pendragon, who was the captain (and the king) of the Checkmate Pirates. Thanks to this fruit, he was able to instantly switch places with anyone he had ever touched in his whole life, although that person at the moment was in the water, provided that they’re within 250 meter distance maximum; this was very useful for Arthur, who could use this ability to easily organize his army during their attacks.

Since Arthur was part of Roger’s previous generation, some people think that, when Arthur died, Roger was still a child and he found by chance the Oni Oni no Mi, then he ate it and he acquired its powers. Of course this a valid theory in front of which we can’t say for sure “yes” or “no”, we can only believe it or just try to formulate a better one.


The theory I found more probable and also more exciting is the one for which Gol D. Roger is the former owner of Gomu Gomu no Mi before Monkey D. Luffy. Try to think about it: Luffy ate that fruit when Shanks by chance brought it to Luffy’s Village, and Shanks was part of Roger’s crew, right? In addiction we also know that Shanks doesn’t own any Devil Fruit, since when he saved Luffy he was able to swim, so it’s possible that Shanks found Gomu Gomu fruit after his captain’s death, he was waiting for eat it in a particular moment but Luffy has been the unpredictable factor that changed his plans.

“But Gomu Gomu no Mi powers aren’t strong enough to defeat everyone and become the Pirates King” you could think, and in fact you’re right if we consider the present situation. On the contrary, you don’t have to forget that everytime someone talked about Roger as far as his abilities in fighting are concerned, they used to define him as a “demon”, so that maybe Luffy hasn’t developed yet the demonic power which will bring him to the same level as Roger.


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