11.Bartholomew Kuma

Kuma is a Shichibukai and a former part of the Revolutionary Army with a bounty of Beli 296,000,000.

According to Perona, Kuma was one a violent, tyrannical pirate, who was supposed to be “brutal beyond measure.” Because of this, he was identified as “Tyrant” Kuma. Whether this was correct or not remains to be seen.

10. Eustass Kid

Eustass Kid is a notorious pirate from South Blue and the captain of the Kid Pirates.
I think Eustass Kid is an evil version of Luffy. I really want to see his backstory and see what happened to him.

9. Akainu

At the Age of 23, Akainu joined the Marines alongside a 26-year-old Borsalino and came under the tutelage of instructor Zephyre.
Till that we don’t know anything about him, there is a childhood picture of Akainu where he looks weak and angry.
I’m really interested in his old days.

8. Shanks

“Red-Haired” Shanks, usually known as “Red Hair,” is the captain of the Red Hair Pirates and a member of the Yonko that control over the New World.
He is also a former member of the legendary Roger Pirates, the only group to successfully conquer the Grand Line.
His path of becoming a Yonko is something worth seeing.

7. Crocodile

Sir Crocodile is the former president of the mysterious crime syndicate Baroque Works and the main antagonist of the Alabasta Arc.

Crocodile fought against Whitebeard himself and utterly defeated. Crocodile has some secret about his past that he doesn’t want anyone to know.
There is one person who knows about his secrets, that is Ivankov.
He is even willing to do anything to keep it a secret.

6. Dracule Mihawk

Dracule Mihawk is the current holder of the title, “Greatest Swordsman in the World.”
Mihawk once saw a strong rival in Red-Haired Shanks. Their battles were said to tremble the whole of the Grand Line, and Mihawk often asked Shanks out for duels.
I really want to see his battles against Shanks.

5. Kaido

Not much is known about Kaido’s earlier life, but sometime when he became a pirate, he had been beaten seven times and was arrested eighteen times by the Marines and the other Yonko, making him live like a criminal. During those captures, Kaido was regularly tortured and given the death sentence forty times. However, no execution device was effective on him, and Kaido managed to sink nine massive prison ships.

I really want to know why he can’t die, So I assume we will see it soon.

4. Roronoa Zoro

Zoro is one of the top three fighters in the crew beside Luffy and Sanji, and his goal is to become the greatest swordsman in the world.
Zoro possesses immense strength and endurance. As seen in his battles he got horrible injuries and still survives every time. No one knows where his power comes from and his Origin is still unknown.

3. Monkey D. Dragon

Monkey D. Dragon is the infamous leader of the Revolutionary Army who has been trying to overthrow the World Government. He is the World Government’s biggest opponent and is the most dangerous and most wanted man in the world.

The most important question that arises is about his origin and when did he make the Revolutionary army. Also, what is his power level?

2. Gol D. Roger

Gold Roger was a legendary pirate who was recognized as the Pirate King and captain of the Roger Pirates.

The legend of the “Pirate King” and his treasure “One Piece” gave a start to the “Great Age of Pirates,” where several pirates sailed in search of its location or to follow in Roger’s footsteps.

1. BlackBeard

Marshall D. Teach is the admiral of the Blackbeard Pirates and one of the Yonko.
He possessed two Devil Fruits and became the first person to wield two Devil Fruits.

Though parts unclear at this point, his childhood showed depressing as in a sketch portraying him as a child in an SBS, Teach is shown crying in the night under a crescent moon.



Howdy, Everyone, I’m here with another list and this time I will be covering up Top 10 Best Adult Anime Series of 2017 rated as 18+. The anime I’m listing is stated as the Best Adult Anime series of 2017. What’s more is these anime are with a good plot which will make it much more interesting to watch.

Now, without any more delays. I will be listing the Anime Series below: (You can let me know your opinions in the comment section of the blog)

10- Boku No Kanojo Ga Majimesugiru Sho-Bitch na Ken

Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School

Number of Episodes: 10

Studio: Diomedea, Studio Blanc

After Shinozaki Haruka confesses to the Class Rep, Kousaka Akiho, he comes to find that the perfect class representative might be a little bit harder to handle than he previously thought!

9- Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita

Genres: Drama, Romance, Ecchi

Number of Episodes: 12

Studio: Magic Bus

Only for ecchi lovers as its basically a hentai! Wouldn’t be surprised if found this on some hentai site. The female lead is kinda shy whereas the male lead seems like a playboy as he forces himself on her whenever he feels like it.

8- Imouto Sae Ireba Ii

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Number of Episodes: 12

Studio: Silver Link

This is the story about the daily life of a young siscon novelist, Itsuki Hashima with his perfect little sister Chihiro, the genius illustrator Nayuta Kani, his best friend Miyako Shirakawa and some insane partners from his publishers.

7- My First Girlfriend Is a Gal

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Ecchi, School, Shounen

Number of Episodes: 10 

Studio: NAZ

If you are looking for some serious Adult anime then you might like this.

6- In Another World With My Smartphone

Genres: Adventure, Harem, Comedy, Magic, Romance, Fantasy

Number of Episodes: 12

Studio: Production Reed

A first impression. We get it from anime’s synopsis, source material and sometimes even from the “thumbnail” and title alone. Something that can start a huge buzz around a particular work and can literally make it the most famous and the hottest show of the season.

5- Masamune Kun no Revenge

Genres: Harem, Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen

Number of Episodes: 12

Studio: Silver Link

The bizarre premise, incredibly funny, interesting characters with great ambitions. Art and animation for a Silver Link show are great, Music is also great. Go for it!