One Warrior Who Is Hiding His Real Power


If you have been Watching the Dragon Ball Series, you know the latest arc is showing some crazy action. The ‘Tournament of Power’ arc started back in February. With new characters and villains being introduced each episode, Dragon Ball fans are already looking forward to what is to come.

Universe 4 has been entirely laid back up until now. They do not play aggressively, avoiding the spotlight if needed.
I can tell you they are far to be erased while other Universes are beginning to crumble, Universe 3 is shifting to full offensive, and Universe 2 is starting to suffer the consequences of their recklessness.

Universe 4 is preparing a complete rampage, “a disturbing presence” is coming out.

Universe 4 members –

1. Nink – Eliminated by Goku

2. Shosa – Eliminated by Android 18 & Krillin

3. Majora – Eliminated by Krillin

4. Caway – Eliminated by Master Roshi

5. Dercori – Eliminated by Master Roshi

6. Ganos – Eliminated by Master Roshi

7. Monna – Eliminated by Cabba

8. Gamisaras

9. Damom

10. Shantsa

The most exciting thing about this Universe right now is the remaining warriors.


Damom has the powers to disappear and appear out of nowhere also emerge from the ground whenever he wants to. He can use suicide attacks while waiting for the opponent and target at the counter using his unique techniques. And Like a real cicada, it can shed its skin, leaving an empty shell.


Damom and Gamisarasu are actually twin brothers.


Shantsa who is quite mysterious till now. There is something far more potentially dangerous that some people have already guessed.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 105 Master Roshi
Master Roshi – Dragon Ball Super

While I think the twin brothers are going to have a major and fight considering their abilities, I think it’s misleading to make them Universe 4´s last stand. Damom is a least sure to get a big fight considering his promotional information already revealed on the official website before the start of the Tournament.

Now let’s talk about the Shantsa, he seems utterly irrelevant at this point.

Despite that, this strange guy is the only fighter in the Tournament we haven’t seen fighting or clearly having an opponent.

As You can see, Only Hit of Universe 6 and Shantsa of Universe 4 are unfazed by Jiren’s powerful winds. I can very well see a little monster.

Whoever is going to fight him will live a nightmare to throw him out of the Stage,  I think the fight against Shantsa will be in the last minutes of the tournament and not only it will be unfairly hard to knock him out of the stage and incredibly stressful.

I think that Shantsa is going to be the final boss of Universe 4.


Latest DBS News Reveals – Something Big Is Coming For Dragon Ball Super

In the latest DBS interviews carried out with its first director and the production team, various news were revealed. There had been  rumors about many things concerning DBS, like about its movies whether it will end anytime soon or not. The good part is that all of that news is going to be confirmed sooner this year. Probably at the Jump Festa 2018 this December. The interview answered some of the questions that fans had been wondering about for some time, so let’s take a brief look into it.

Concerning whether dragon ball super is near its end, it was revealed that not even Akira Toriyama, its creator is even sure about it. As for now, the tournament of power is considered to be just heating up. So we have not yet seen its peak action. The interview also revealed that Toriyama has  not yet thought about how DBS will end.

The tournament of power is projected to end around march 2018, so there’s still lots of action coming. Toriyama also want to tell more story about the dragon ball universe/franchise, so the tournament of power is also not the last arc that DBS might have. A lot more is revealed to be on the way.

It is still not clear if DBS will link up with the original ending to the manga due to the fact that the end is still unknown. Both the anime and manga are still based on Toriyama’s story including the character designs.

So he is still the mastermind behind everything in DBS as well. Toei Animation might suggest some thing here and there but they disclosed that they cant force him to change the storyline in any way. So we probably wont see the case of other non cannon productions like with Dragon ball GT

Concerning the theatrical films, crossovers and any specials, they revealed that they will have to make an announcement later. People where told to be patient about this matter as they said that anything can happen. But as of now there is still no solid proof to confirm anything.

Some of the question asked revolved around Gohan’s involvement in the tournament, what has been happening in Buu’s case, as he was fat then trained and became thin and then out of the story just like that. Was all that Buu’s effort just useless like that? I mean there should be something that could be coming. Maybe another gain in power as well. But the answers appeared to still be not specific as the production team claimed to be just following Toriyama’s drafts.


On characters build up, it was asked if cell could come back and about Goten and Trunks future importance in the plot. Frieza was brought back with the resurrection F saga but will there be any DBZ villains appearing again? Well as the storyline is now at “anything can happen” we can’t say what could happen.

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