One Universe Is Hiding A Triple-Fusion Warrior Right In Front Of Our Eyes


Beerus accuses Champa of cheating, and the Universe 6 god tells Beerus he can do the same thing. Zeno’s enjoyment replaces the rules in place, Potara earrings will be okay since will only be assumed as “cool.” Then Grand Priest says fusions are allowed.

Beerus freaks out and removes the Supreme Kai’s Potara earrings from him. The Kai of Universe 3 and Universe 4 say their fighters do not need the Potara earrings.

Why Don’t Universe 3 Fighters need the Potara Earrings?

Can they Fuse without potara earrings?

Universe 3 fighters are as strange as Jiren in a sense that we do not have any idea what they are competent of. If they appear on the screen, they either make a brief appearance to get knocked out or just to replace their existence in the tournament.

The Universe 3 is famous for being very intellectually advanced.

Majority of Universe 3 fighters are cyborgs, mechanical beings that are a lot complex than Universe 7’s Androids. While Android 17 and Android 18 were once humans that are heightened by technological modifications, the majority of Universe 3 fighters are cyborgs.

All Universe 3 members have artificial modifications; They are specially designed/created for the tournament. We know by promotional material that Paparoni controls all robots, and Katpesra doesn’t look like Weak to me, so I think they’ll be somewhat convincing. And there’s also the Megazord theory.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 115

The Megazord Theory

The new fusion will be a combination of Koitsukai, Panchia, and Borareta. The arms and hands will be coming from Koitsukai, while the lower body will be from Borareta. Furthermore, the upper body and head will come from Panchia. The Super Warrior is called Universe 3’s Megazord.

This is where the truth of the Tournament of Power might come into action again. Holding a single entity, the ultimate Universe 3 Fusion will be a strong combatant that will shake the entire tournament. But it is also correct that when this final Fusion is defeated, it will spell erasure for Universe 3 as well.


Something Terrible Will Happen To Goku In DBS 116

Hey guys. It’s about time we all jump aboard the hype train. Today Dragon Ball Super’s Episode 115 was released and holymoly, it was really good. Continuing from where they left off, Gokū and Kefla were still going at it. Gokū was able to restrain Kefla with Super Saiyan Blue for some time. However, as soon as Kefla went Super Saiyan, Gokū was outclassed. He had to use King Kaio-ken to boost his chances of winning.

The power up certainly did help him for a bit. However, yet again Kefla came up with the answer and managed to land a critical hit on Gokū. It was at this point that the episode was on the boil. Gokū looked to be beaten, but he came up the answer and broke through his shell yet again. You must have got what I meant by breaking through the shell. Gokū went Ultra Instinct yet again.

That looked like the only possible answer to stopping Kefla. Gokū’s ultra instinct let her to overwhelm Kefla. It was looking good for Gokū, however it’s too early to rejoice. In next episode Jiren awakens from his meditation. It’s no brainer that the energy first from Kefla and now from Gokū would’ve attracted the attention of the fighter from Universe 11. Kefla is still fighting and now with Jiren awakening, things aren’t looking good for Gokū and ultra instinct will be ending soon.

It really worries me that Gokū will have to fight two of the strongest fighters in the Tournament of Power. We don’t know if Jiren is going after Gokū or Kefla or is it going to be both of them. But whoever he is going after is in trouble.

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