DBS EP 114 Birth Of A New Super Warrior, Identity Revealed?

dbs ep114

When you hear fusion, the first that comes to mind is the over-powered warriors coming from the fusion dance or the potara earrings. Gogeta and Vegito are the most powerful fusions. So far, but Gotenks is the first one to successfully undergo this process of combining two people. Whenever, you see fusion in a Dragon Ball Super spoiler, get ready to read Vegito or Gogeta.

Erased universe dragon ball super

But, things might change in the Dragon Ball Super by the possibility of this theory that I’m gonna tell you. There’s a new way of transformation done by the Universe 2 Kamikaze Fireballs. Fusion might also be retweaked and it might be done by the most neglected Universe in the Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power so far.

Universe 3 warriors are as mysterious as Jiren in a sense that we actually don’t have any idea what they are capable of. If they appear on the screen, they either make a brief appearance to get knocked out (like Maji-Kayo) or just to reinstate their existence in the tournament. Will there be another Universe 10? Universe 10 got Obuni at the least. How will Universe 3 show their true power? How will they show that they are the most logical universe?

Erased universe dragon ball super

Majority of Universe 3 warriors are cyborgs, mechanical beings that are a lot different than Universe 7’s Androids. While, Android 17 and Android 18 were former humans that are enhanced by technological modifications, the majority of Universe 3 warriors are robots, which are made just for the Tournament of Power.

This is probably DBS’ parody of mecha anime shows, similar to how they made a parody of magical girls. And when it comes to mecha anime, machines get stronger when they combine or “gattai” in a more popular anime term. I personally think that Universe 3’s most climactic moment would be the gattai of all of it’s members into a big and strong monster (remember Herudegarn?)

How strong would this mecha be? Who knows! But it will surely surpass Universe 6’s Auta Magetta who’s a very powerful warrior even on his own. Vegeta can’t even scratch his armor with the Big Bang Attack.

This is where the reality of the Tournament of Power might come into play again. Being a single entity, the ultimate Universe 3 mecha will be a strong opponent that will shake the whole tournament. But, it’s also true that when this ultimate mecha will be defeated, it will spell erasure for Universe 3 as well.

If you ask me, an erasure of another Universe is a very timely event for the Tournament of Power. Given the length of time still left, and the warriors who have fallen, you can’t just let other warriors roam free. And if they try to gattai just to defeat Jiren. Universe 3 might be the next universe to say bye-bye.

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