One Thing Everyone Missed About Goku Ultra Instinct


Dragon Ball Super is getting more and more exciting as more events are unfolding right in front of our eyes. Universe 6 lost two of its most valuable players and now that they only have four warriors left, they are in a very big trouble. Universe 7 on the other hand still has seven warriors and no one except Goku is out of stamina at this time.

Speaking of an ultimate Saiyan battle, Caulifla and Kale are up against the weakened Goku in the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super. The two female Saiyans has become stronger again and their coordination is better than before. It seems like Kale is getting the hang out of her powerful Super Saiyan Berserker form. It was seen that Goku is again playing the role of a Saiyan Master for the two Saiyans.

What is very surprising about Goku right now is his unhampered battle prowess. To simply put it in a fascinated-fan-tone statement, something happened to Goku during that Ultra Instinct moments. We have seen this thing before, but this time, there is really a big power-up after Goku reached the Ultra Instinct state.

What is this thing that we have seen before? It is Goku’s very special ability: his adaptation to power. I just coined that term because it describes what I thought is Goku’s special ability very well. It is kinda similar to the Zenkai Boost in a sense that Goku’s body remembers fatal injuries to avoid it again. The only difference is that instead of fatal injuries, Goku’s body remembers the power of the Ultra Instinct and adapted into that state.

The evidence of this is when Goku fought with Caulifla in the base form while Caulifla is in a transformed state. Goku, who was out of stamina and is badly injured managed to surprise the fully rested Caulifla. Goku and Caulifla seem to be even in the first battle that they had before, but with the  circumstances right now, the Universe 7 Saiyan seem to be stronger than before.

Remember the first time Goku turned into Super Saiyan God and fought Beerus? His God state wear off even before he unleashed the true power of that form. He briefly fought against Lord Beerus in his base form and successfully landed a solid punch to the God of Destruction. After transforming into Super Saiyan God, his base form and Super Saiyan form was able to keep up with Beerus even though Super Saiyan 3 was beaten by a single finger before.

Something similar like this happened during his Ultra Instinct state in the Tournament of Power. His body adapted into the power of the Spirit Bomb making his base form and possibly all his transformations more powerful than before. And now that Goku adapted to the power of Ultra Instinct, it would be easier for him to achieve that state in the future once again. He might also be able be in that state in a longer period of time.


Dragon Ball Super May Be Finally Doing Something That Fans Really Want

Hey guys. The Tournament of Power started quite some time ago and it almost over. Half of the scheduled time for the tournament is already used up. The most recent episode of Dragon Ball Super focused on the Saiyans, namely Caulifla, Kale and Gokū. Gokū tried to help out Kale and Caulifla in order to reach the Super Saiyan 3 level.

So far two Saiyans have unlocked two different powers in the ongoing tournament. Firstly, we have Cabba who unlocked Super Saiyan 2 momentarily after he was showered with insults by Monna.

Without going Super Saiyan 2, Cabba was dead meat. Next comes the hero of the show, Son Gokū. His power up was really astonishing, it shocked even the Gods of Destruction. While fighting Universe 11’s Jiren, Gokū achieved or rather unlocked the Ultra Instinct albeit temporarily.

The new form gives him god-like speed and power that makes ordinary mortal fighters have a hard time following his moves. His son, Gohan has gone downhill since DBZ. There is a big change to the young Gohan that was shown in “DBZ” compared to the character that fans see now in “Dragon Ball Super. Back in DBZ, he was an amazing character and with his powers he could defeat enemies much stronger than him.

There was a time when he even surpassed Goku for a while. But, in Dragon Ball Super, Gohan is no longer relevant. He’s way behind his father and seriously it doesn’t look like things will get better for him anytime soon. One thinks, why are the creators so dead set on dragging Gohan’s reputation through the mud? But, it looks like there is still hope for the young Saiyan. It is worth noting that during the father-and-son sparring session before the tournament started, Gokū asked him if he is going for Super Saiyan Gold or Blue.

To this, Gohan replied that he will do something that is different from what his father and Vegeta have achieved. It has been explained by the angel of destruction, Whiz, that Ultra-Instinct is the state where the body acts on its own without the fighter thinking about it

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