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‘One The Woman’ Ending Explained: Who Is New Yeon Joo?

One The Woman Ending
One The Woman Korean Drama 2021

Finally, viewers have received the most anticipated part of the story, One the Woman ending. All those eight weeks, we have been together with Lee Ha Nee and Lee Sang Yoon. From the start till the end, One the Woman has delivered a good amount of rom-com, action, and suspense, making every episode enjoyable. Even though the storyline is nothing new and pretty simple, the sparks between our adorable chaotic duo Yeon Joo and Seung Wook made the drama stands out from the others. Thus, it even passes 18% ratings for Episode 16, closing the series with a sweet touch.

One the Woman kdrama begins with the Doppelganger comedy crime plot and ends with the same Doppelganger twist. The ending episode has given classic closing to each character, be it Sung Woon, Chairman Han, Myung Won, Sung Hye, or the main leads. It reveals that Yeon Joo and Seung Wook successfully catch Sung Hye. They make her pay off for the crime she committed. Kang Mi Na also wakes up and becomes Yumin Group’s Chairman. The ambition, dream, and power she wanted, she has finally now but not before taking revenge on her ex-mother-in-law. Lastly, Yeon Joo and Seung Wook become each other’s pillars and find the place that is meant for them, by each other’s side. In short, One the Woman ending has wrapped up all loose corners giving a sweet, lovely closing with a tiny twist.

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One The Woman Ending Explained

Finally, the rom-com One the Woman has concluded with a total of 16 episodes. From the beginning till the ending, it has brought so many hilarious, adorable and little suspense scenes, making each and every episode worth your time. Even One the Woman ending wraps up pretty neatly, closing all loose ends. Each character has got the closing they deserve, be it Han family members, Kang Mi Na, or our lovely couple Yeon Joo and Seung Wook. However, the ending of One the Woman has also left some questions unanswered. Based on the storyline and character analysis, we have come with the answers, which are explained below.

Han Family’s Downfall

Han family or Hanju’s downfall is one of the most anticipated parts of the storylines which many viewers were waiting for. Finally, our writer did not disappoint us and give the Han family the ending they all deserve. Let’s go one by one. The head of the family, Chairman Han, is already in jail for tax evasion, bribery, and embezzlement, etc. We all know who is behind his master plan, Sung Hye, his daughter. After understanding his own children can not save him, Chairman Han asks for Seung Wook’s help. He obviously mercilessly rejects since he already has the proof against Sung Hye. Therefore, Chairman Han rots behind the bar.

Meanwhile, the other family members also lose all rights over the Hanju Group. Sung Woon, Myung Won, Sung Mi, and Jae Hee get busy in social work. Everyone loses the money, fame, and power they hold as Hanju’s. Now, the Hanju Group is not the Han family but is under Seung Wook. He uses industry expertise to run the business since he does not want to be involved in business politics.

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One The Woman Ending

Sung Hye and Yeon Joo

The End To Sung Hye’s Evil Deed

Episode 16 of One the Woman kdrama shows that Chairman Han had a recording pen that contains all records of what happened on that dreadful night. Thankfully, Secretary Kim gives that to Seung Wook’s team. Of course, after Sung Hye’s threatening that proofs go to her. However, our chaotic team will not lose so easily. When Lawyer No tells them everything about how Sung Hye blackmailed him using his past mistake. It reveals Lawyer No knew about Hanju’s accounting records but did not inform Seung Wook’s father. She uses that guilt to make him on his side and get all the proof. Our chaotic team, Yeon Joo, Seung Wook, Lawyer No, Ahn Yoo Jun, and Secretary Kim, makes a scheme to expose wicked Sung Hye.

Lawyer No fakes as Sung Hye’s ally and kidnaps Yeon Joo. Finally, Sung Hye and Yeon Joo face off each other where Yeon Joo cleverly opens all secrets and evils deed of Sung Hye. Knowing they are alone in the abandoned factory, Sung Hye admits every crime just to get on Yeon Joo’s nerve. She admits that she killed Seung Wook’s father, Yeon Joo’s grandma, and even killed Jang Suk Ho (the driver who ran over Yeon Joo) and his wife to clear all evidence. However, it turns out everything they have been talking about is broadcasting live with the help of social media influencers. That was our brilliant chaotic team’s plan! 

One The Woman Ending

Sung Hye

Sung Hye Commits Suicide

One the Woman Episode 16 reveals that before the police can arrest Sung Hye, she fleed away, writing a suicide note. After a few days, they find a rotten dead body in the river, which turns out to be Sung Hye’s. Everyone gets fooled by Sung Hye’s master plan but not Yeon Joo. Yeon Joo examines the found dead body thoroughly as far as examining the undergarments and discovers that the dead body is not Sung Hye. Later, Yeon Joo successfully catches Sung Hye at the airport since she plans to fly to Vietnam. Thus, Sung Hye’s era comes to an end.

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Kang Mi Na’s Revenge

While everyone getting their revenge, how can Kang Mi Na stay behind? One the Woman ending reveals that after regaining her consciousness, Kang Mi No decides to get her revenge on her mother-in-law, Myung Won. She visits Han Mansion and meets the only member left, Myung Won. Initially, Myung Won think she comes to taunt her but hearing Mi Na’s words, Myung Won’s world breakdown. Mi Na exposes the darkest secrets of Sung Hye.

One The Woman Ending

Kang Mi Na and Myung Won

It reveals that Sung Hye killed her eldest brother Sung Chan to become Hanju’s Chairman. And all of these Sung Woon already knew, but he kept quiet since he did not want to turn like his eldest brother. In the end, Kang Mi Na put the sharp knife in her heart, sharing this secret that will tear Myung Won all her life. She will live her whole life knowing her own child killed another child just to possess more power. It is clean-cut revenge without any bloodbath! Bravo Kang Mi Na! 

Happy Ending For Yeon Joo And Seung Wook’s Love Story

After punishing all evils, ultimately, Yeon Joo and Seung Wook decide to go their way. They choose to find the place that is meant for them. Seung Wook gives Hanju Chairman position to industry expertise, choosing to live his life free from the burden of stock price rising and falling. On the other hand, Yeon Joo also does not go back to her prosecutor work since she became one to help her father. She stays behind to find what she wants from her life, where she belongs, while Seung Wook returns to LA. However, not before he promises Yeon Joo that he will wait for her, no matter what decision she makes. One the Woman ending also brings a happy ending for Yeon Joo’s father. He opens an outlet of their uncles’ sushi restaurant. Finally, all knots are untangled between Yeon Joo and her father’s relationship as the two warmly hug each other.

Yeon Joo also bid goodbye to her only friend who has been with her through all thicks and thins, Ahn Yoo Jun. It is a little sad to see his first love ending this way. But we all know Yeon Joo has eyes only for Seung Wook. The two warming farewells before Yeon Joo leaves South Korea. It reveals that Yeon Joo decides to be with Seung Wook and thus goes to LA. Seeing Yeon Joo in front of his eyes, Seung Wook basks in delight. The ending of One the Waman kdrama also shares Yeon Joo becomes licensed American Attorney. The couple returns to South Koren because she wants to eat Jokbaengi. The sweetness overload when Lawyer No welcomes them with an adorable welcome holding card and Yeon Joo’s craving Jokbaengi. That little gesture shows how much Yeon Joo and Seung Wook meant to him.

One The Woman Ending

Seung Wook and Yeon Joo

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A New Doppelganger Or A Hint For One The Woman Season 2

Lastly, Once again, One the Woman ending has not disappointed us with the short twist they added in Episode 16 with the possibility of Season 2. The airport scene where Yeon Joo and Seung Wook finally come back shows us a little twist. It reveals a woman in fashionable clothes and accessories from top to bottom walking in the opposite direction of the duo. However, the little twist here is the lady looks like Yeon Joo! How can it be possible? We all know Kang Mi Na has undergone surgery to have a new face. So there is only our Yeon Joo’s left. But then who is this woman who looks exactly like Yeon Joo?

For that, viewers have come up with various theories. Some think she may be Kang Mi Na, who has done facial surgery once again to get her face back. The other fans assume she may be Kang Mi Na’s aunty since she had previously asked where she did the surgery. The former assumption does not stand much, but the latter one seems valid. There is a high chance, Kang Mi Na’a aunty did facial surgery to look like Kang Mi Na and get hands-on Yumin Group. Also, that short hair really resembles Kang Mi Na’s aunt. Or maybe that woman is a real Doppelganger, just like Kang Mi Na and Jo Yeon Joo were. What do you think? Is she a Doppelganger or Kang Mi Na or Kang Mi Na’s aunty? Who is she?

One The Woman Ending

Ending scene

The writer has left that question open for us to answer. It may be an indication of One the Woman Season 2. Or just a small twist to wrap the story with a mystery. In short, it is up to us to decide who is that woman. One the Woman ending has wrapped perfectly, giving us a little twist with the hope of Season 2.

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