One Punch Man Season 2 Premiere: Our Verdict

After years of long waiting One Punch Man season 2 episode 1 was finally released a couple of days ago. The fans were eagerly waiting for this episode. We all were worried about the changes that anime is making in the production segment. The director of season 2 is Chikara Sakurai. The production is being handled by J.C. Staff. So, let us get right into what our reaction to this premiere episode was:

First, we saw Saitama and Genos walking casually, and a villain subsequently was going after random girls. The legendary hero King showed up, and the villain peed his pants due to fear of getting a thrashing from the legend and apologized. After this, we got to see a G4 challenging King and this time King told him to wait for him until he pees.

Saitama and Genos were closely watching all this because they wanted to get a glimpse of King’s powers, but King escaped, and Genos took on and defeated G4. Saitama showed up at King’s apartment and got to know that King, in reality, is a weak man and has unintentionally taken credit of Saitama’s heroics. Another enemy attacked King’s apartment by Saitama defeated him as well.

We also got to see Genos asking the doctor to add the parts of G4 to his body which will make him stronger. He is still looking for the cyborg thy killed his family. In the end, two characters namely Speed-o-Sound Sonic and Hellish Blizzard were shown who desperately want to track down Saitama and get to know the secret of his strength.

One Punch Man season 2 episode 1 review

The animations of the episode were pretty good and I do think that fans do not need to worry about that aspect of season 2.

It seems that the animations may not have improved but they haven’t gone worse as well. The story is pretty damn interesting as expected and to be honest the first episode didn’t have any flaws at all. It has a good story, some great action and also a good enough cliffhanger which is exactly a recipe for an excellent episode.

It seems that the season 2 will again be a top-notch one and the wait that we fans had to suffer because of the delay in season 2 will simply vanish now as the refreshing season 2 is finally here. What did you think about the new episode of One Punch Man? If you do not agree with our review, do mention what are your thoughts in the comments section below.

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