One Punch Man Season 2 First Promotional Video Released

One Punch Man Season 2 First Preview

The first season of One Punch Man received a lot of praise because of its good animation and the choreography of its fighting scene. You see every detail of the movement, and you can tell that the folks behind the anime focused on animating it. One Punch Man season 2 first preview video was just released recently, and it seems like we’re going to be getting a very different experience.

The video starts with the introduction of characters who will have significant roles in the next season. Saitama is still the hero for fun, albeit being officially employed by the Heroes Association. Genos is still Saitama’s one and the only disciple who tries to get revenge from the evil cyborg who killed everyone on his village.  Sonic is still trying to find the secret to Saitama’s godly strength. A new character called Fubuki is seen on the trailer as the Hellish Blizzard. King was also introduced as the most powerful human on Earth. And last but not the least, Garou, we saw Garou animated for the first time. Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it yet.

There is still not enough animation released yet, so we still can’t compare the first and the second season. The art is great, and it seems like J.C Staff had made a lot of thought in the details of the stills. But compared to the first official trailer of the season one, the season 2 trailer lacks the hype needed. Season 2 trailer ends with “Supreme Power X Ultimate Fear.”

One Punch Man is a web manga created by ONE and illustrated by Yusuke Murata for serialization in Shonen Jump. It had its first anime season in 2015 and received positive feedback. The second season will be premiered on April 2019 and is expected to tackle the tournament and hero hunt arc.

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