One Piece’s Climax Battle Episode For Whole Cake Island Revealed (otakuverse)

The One Piece anime is close to wrapping up the Whole Cake Island arc, and I have to say, overall, this arc has been great. The pacing has been decent and the direction has been great throughout the arc. I enjoyed watching every single episode and I think just a few episodes didn’t live up to the mark and they were the Seducing Woods ones.

One Piece 865 Release Date

One Piece Climax Episode Revealed

The reason behind that is the One Piece East Blue special, which had taken a huge chunk of the staff and thus the anime felt lackluster. But since then, we’ve seen considerable improvements in the anime. Earlier this week, we reported that there is going to be a Luffy vs Katakuri double-episode later this month. That’s right, One Piece Episode 868-869 will be a double episode giving us the main content of Luffy vs Katakuri.

However, you’d be wrong if you thought Luffy vs Katakuri would wrap up in this double episode. The fight will still go on, and it is One Piece Episode 870 that will show us the end to this epic fight. With the ending of the Luffy vs Katakuri fight, Whole Cake Island will be over 90% done. We just have a 10-15 more episodes remaining and then we’ll be heading off to the Reverie.

There are going to be a few breaks in the anime, of course. One Piece will go on break during the holiday period, just like every other anime, and if some rumors are to be believed, once again in January. So, I expect Whole Cake Island arc to wrap up sometime around March 2019 in the anime. I’m really excited for the Luffy vs Katakuri finale. I loved this fight in the manga, and for me, it was better than Luffy be Lucci. I know Toei can do this fight justice. It has been incredible so far, and I hope it gets even better from here on out.

One Piece returns with Episode 865 tomorrow morning. You can stream the episode on Crunchyroll, or Funimation. Please support the official release.

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