One Piece Vivre Card Databook Reveals Blackbeard Pirates Division Commanders

If you’ve been following One Piece closely, then you probably know by now that there’s a databook that’s being compiled with additions being made each month. Last month, we got some really interesting details on characters such as Shanks, Mihawk, and others.

One Piece Vivre Card

This time around, we’re supposed to get a lot of details on Whitebeard, his Pirate Crew, and Blackbeard and his Pirate Crew among many others. I think everyone who’s up-to-date with One Piece knows that after the passing of Whitebeard during the Summit War, there were only three Emperors. Marco led the Whitebeard Pirates in the stead of Whitebeard himself.

However, soon after, Marco wanted to take revenge on Blackbeard and waged the Payback War. This war ended in an utter defeat for Marco and Whitebeard Pirates. Soon after this we, Blackbeard was given the title of Yonko.

Blackbeard Pirates Division Commanders

Blackbeard slowly captured all the territories that belonged to Whitebeard, and then set up his crew exactly like Whitebeard himself. It is known that Blackbeard has several Division Commanders and that they’re all extremely powerful. If they’re not powerful now, they will be once they consume a strong Devil Fruit, and it is known that Blackbeard is on Devil Fruit hunt. Here are all the main Blackbeard Pirates Division Commanders as far as we know:

First Division Commander – Jesus Burgess. He was seen at Dressrosa and was defeated by Sabo. He’s looking Devil Fruits as well, and he leads the first Division of the Blackbeard Pirates.

Second Division Commander – The Second Division is led by Shiliew of the Rain. He’s a very strong pirate, who was once the Head Jailer of the then impenetrable prison known as Impel Down. He joined the Blackbeard Pirates after the Summit War.

Third Division Commander – ???

Fourth Division Commander – The Fourth Division is led by Avalo Pizzaro, who hails from South Blue. He is also known as the Corrupt King. Pizzaro was in Impel Down Level 6.

Fifth Division Commander – Lafitte leads the Fifth Division of the Blackbeard Pirates. He is one of the few who have been with Blackbeard since the very beginning.

Sixth Division Commander – Katarina Devon leads the Sixth Division of the Blackbeard Pirates. She is also known as the Crescent Hunter and is somehow the most evil woman pirate to ever exist.

Seventh Division Commander – The Battleship, Sanjuan Wolf is the captain of the Seventh Division of the Blackbeard Pirates. He too joined them during the Summit War and was a prisoner in Impel Down Level 6.

All the data that we’ve got so far is really interesting, and I hope we get more details soon. Once we do, we’ll make sure to share it with you guys here at Otakukart.

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