One Piece: The Truth About The Void Century – Explained!


800 years passed since the Ancient War, and a pirate named Gol D. Roger reached Raftel and discovered the truth about the Void Century. Let’s understand it together!

Once there was a kingdom on the Moon named “Beerka” which had very advanced technologies, such as the dials nowadays used in Skypeia; since Beerka people ran out of resources, they migrated to the Earth, where they accepted everyone to use their technologies, so that they built a powerful kingdom really fast.

At a certain point, an organization made by the alliance among different empires started a war against Beerka to obtain their knowledge. In order to defend themselves, Beerka people created the 3 “Ancient Weapons”, but despite their use, they lost the war, so they hid the Weapons to avoid their enemies to find them.

The people who survived to the war ran away and went living on an island they named “Raftel” and they decided to take the “D.” as a middle name to make them recognize; meanwhile, the alliance took the name of “World Government” and started to hide the previous 100 years of history, that are what we call the “Void Century”. Moreover, the World Government thought that maybe the survivors had gone back to the Moon to hide there, so they sent 20 soldiers (who will then become the “World Nobles”) to the Moon in order to kill every possible survivor; that’s why also during Luffy’s era the World Nobles are used to wear space suits.

Afterwards, Beerka survivors created the Poneglyphs, on which they wrote in their language what the World Government did; moreover, they sent out of Raftel a number o people who had the aim of informing the whole world about what really happened. This aim was defined as “the will of D.”.

Then the World Government killed all Ohara people because they were the only to be able to read Poneglyphs language, but they didn’t know that in Raftel Beerka people had hidden a weapon called “One Piece” (the fourth Ancient Weapon); the One Piece would be so powerful to collect together the four oceans and create this way the “All Blue”, which is the original sea of the Earth that people from Beerka originally found, buti t was divided into four parts by Pluton (one of the 3 Ancient Weapons) during the war.

In conclusion, since when Roger arrived at Raftel his body didn’t allow him to continue his trip anymore, he talked about a treasure to encourage the research of Raftel by pirates and, once arrived there, everybody would have discovered the truth, so that people would have continued Roger’s trip and they would have defeated the World Government, accomplishing this way the original Beerka’s people “will of D.”.