One Piece – Top 10 Strongest Attacks Ever Seen



This is Magellan’s ultimate attack.

Thanks to the Doku Doku Devil Fruit, he produces an enormous amount of liquid poison that he uses to create a devil-like entity which mimics Magellan’s movements; this creature releases a noxious smoke to go along with. In fact, this poison is so toxic to affect even non-organic objects and corrode them until their melting.

Magellan claimed that this technique is powerful enough to destroy the whole Impel Down structure.


This is Shiki’s “The Golden Lion” strongest technique.

Thanks to the Fuwa Fuwa Devil Fruit, he breaks the ground and models it into the shape of some lion heads with which he attacks his enemies.

A more “evolved” version of this technique is called “Shishi Odoshi: Chimaki”, thanks to which the lion heads move on the crest of a wave that hit their victims breaking over them; in this way, they end up being buried under tons of dirt.


This is an attack used several times by Trafalgar Law.

Thanks to the Ope Ope Devil Fruit, he creates a spherical space around him and his targets, in which he can manipulate anything he wants in an incredible variety of ways; using one of these ways, Law cuts his targets without harming them: the separated parts of the bodies seem to keep a connection similar to Buggy’s powers. In addition, he doesn’t even touch his enemy, since in order to do “amputation” is enough that he uses his sword in any point inside or outside the Room, as long as his targets are inside it.


This is Kizaru’s strongest attack.

Thanks to the Pika Pika Devil Fruit, he crosses his arms in front of him and uses both hands to fire an incredible amount of light bullets, causing extreme damages to whatever they hit; he can also control the spread of this powerful attack, limiting it to a single person or covering an enormous area. It also has great piercing properties, since it’s capable of penetrating almost every material and defense.


This is Aokiji’s ultimate attack.

Thanks to the Hie Hie Devil Fruit, he uses his hands to spread his ice powers and then in an instant he freezes the area he decided to attack, along with anything and anyone on it. This technique can extend for miles and last for over a week.

Apart from freezing things and people, which makes them really weak, this technique is also very useful for catching enemies, since once they’re frozen, they can’t move, unless they own some fire or magma powers.


This is one of Akainu’s strongest attacks.

Thanks to the Magu Magu Devil Fruit, he points his fists into the air and fires a big number of magma fists in order to let them rain down on the battlefield; this technique is a fusion between a volcanic eruption and a meteor shower, that creates something highly deadly for anyone who stays in the battlefield.

In addition, Akainu developed this powerful attack also as a close-range attack. Terrible.


This is Kuma’s most devastating attack.

Thanks to the Nikyu Nikyu Devil Fruit, he gathers the air with his palms and compresses it into a giant paw print-like bubble; once the bubble is compact enough to fit in his hands, he sends it towards his enemy. When the bubble arrives there, the air quickly decompresses, causing a massive explosion.

In addition, Kuma has also shown the ability to control the direction of the attack, so that it’s difficult to avoid it.


This is Blackbeard’s most frightening ability.

Thanks to the Yami Yami Devil Fruit, he spreads his darkness over a large area and swallows up anything he chooses, just like a real black hole. When someone or something is swallowed, they’re subjected to a large amount of gravity and, for this reason, they crush.


This is Enel’s final attack.

Thanks to the Goro Goro Devil Fruit, he combines his electric powers with the Ark Maxim to create a giant spherical cloud filled with electricity: this ball has enough power to destroy an entire island.

Enel isn’t the most powerful character in One Piece and his fruit isn’t the strongest one, but with no doubt his ability and in particular this attack are incredibly powerful.


This is Whitebeard’s most amazing attack.

Thanks to the Gura Gura Devil Fruit, he grabs the air and pulls it down; once he gets low enough, all of his opponents are tossed into the air and fall back down; this outstanding technique doesn’t tilt the earth itself. On the contrary, it seems that this attack allows Whitebeard to exchange sky and earth positions just for a moment, so that every enemy is overturned.