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One Piece

One Piece: Tama’s Devil Fruit: Name, Abilities and Limits

tama's devil fruit
Tama's Devil Fruit

Devil Fruits have played a very important part in the world of One Piece. The series has long been one of the top most appreciated anime and manga, continuously introducing massive plot turns again and again. Different theories about Devil Fruits continue to rise to date for their mystical features. Devil Fruits, as the name suggests, are fruits that grant superhuman abilities to whoever eats them. As a price, the eater loses their ability to swim. When a Devil Fruit user dies, his ability grows inside a normal fruit. Once this fruit grows, it turns into a Devil Fruit. Over the progress of the story, we have come to learn about the various abilities that they have granted. A curious Devil Fruit user is Tama. Tama’s Devil Fruit might look comparatively harmless, but it has caught a lot of attention in the fandom.

Most characters in the One Piece series have a Devil Fruit ability. Its the presence of such a fantasy component that makes watching the anime and reading the manga a blissful experience. The wide range of abilities and the clash between them raises thrill in the story. Every ability is interesting one way or the other. The same can be said about Tama’s Devil Fruit. Even if we have been seeing more exotic abilities since the start, her Devil Fruit brings us to ask more questions about it. Not much is known about it, which makes us warier about it.

Here is everything about Tama’s Devil Fruit, compiling information about its name, abilities, limitations, and theories.

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Who is Tama?

Tama is a short 8-year-old kid from Wano who used to be friends with Ace. She is now the pupil of Tenguyama Hitetsu. She has a very friendly nature and has made friends with many belonging to the Straw Hat Pirates, especially Luffy. At some point, she gained her Devil Fruit. She shows a lot of courage, ready to fight whenever she feels wronged. When Big Mom lost her memories, Tama grew closer to her. But on the return of her memories, Big Mama’s real nature was revealed, leading Tama to fear her and run away. However, Big Mom continued to love Tama even after her amnesia was cured.

Tama is not all innocent either. She carries quite a tactical mind, seen when she plans of using the amnesic Big Mom to her advantage. At the same time, she is often clumsy, probably because of her young age.

Tama and Luffy

Tama and Luffy

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Tama’s Devil Fruit and Abilities

The name of Tama’s Devil Fruit is Kibi Kibi no Mi, which is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit. It is unrevealed when or how she received it. However, she mostly keeps her ability hidden. The Devil Fruit allows Tama to create dango dumplings from her cheeks. Tama pinches her cheek with her index finger and thumb to produce these dumplings. These dango dumplings cannot satisfy hunger, but if Tama feeds these dumplings to an animal, she can tame them.

Tama makes use of her ability by feeding her dango dumplings to the animals and hence defend herself using their strength. Usopp is also seen using her dango dumplings as ammo.

tama devil friit abilities

Tama extracts dango dumpling.

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Limitations of Tama’s Devil Fruit

The ability of Kibi Kibi no Mi can only be used on animals. Meaning, Tama can only tame animals. Even if she tames them, the animals do not stay under her control all the time and only follow commands that are spoken out verbally. Other than animals, she can also tame some SMILEs. Producing too many dumplings also takes a toll on her stamina.

Tama cute face


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Fan Theories

Tama’s Devil Fruit has many unknown factors. Since Tama is very young, it can be assumed that we still haven’t hit the true potential of this ability. If her Devil Fruit were to have an awakening, we might be witnessing exponential growth in her power. New changes could even involve a higher stamina and dumpling production rate or the ability to control more than just animals.

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One Piece is currently streaming on Crunchyroll and many other English networks. You can read the manga on Viz Media or Sueisha’s Manga Plus app.

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