One Piece: Stampede Wraps Up Work, Film Ready For Premiere On August 8


One Piece: Stampede has been in works for a long time now, and just 8 days before its premiere in Japan, we have confirmation that the work on it has finally wrapped up. This might be surprising to some people due to how close it is to the deadline, but Stampede has taken quite a long time and some terrific effort by the staff, so it makes sense. We’re very excited for One Piece: Stampede’s premiere and we hope that your are as well.

One Piece: Stampede Known Release Dates

For those of you in Japan, Stampede will be premiering on August 8, 2019. After that, we’ll be moving over to Hong Kong, which will get the movie on August 22, 2019, which is just weeks after the initial premiere. Singapore follows Hong Kong with a September 12, 2019 release and then the Portugal release of the movie will happen on September 19, 2019.

One Piece: Stampede is going to be the best animated One Piece movie to date and we can’t wait to be able to finally watch it. Recently, a filler arc for One Piece: Stampede was aired in the TV anime and the new opening gave us quite a decent glimpse of the upcoming movie. It seems there will some terrific fights to come between the characters and it’ll be interesting to see who ends up taking down Douglas Bullet.


Here’s Otakukart’s synopsis for One Piece: Stampede:
Stampede is based on a Pirate festival that is held by the Pirates, for the Pirates. A number of big and small name pirates are going to be present. This year, it is all about finding the treasure of Gol D. Roger himself. The Strawhat Pirates will be participating in this festival as well.

Some other characters in the movie include Smoker, Tashigi, Trafalgar D Water Law and Buggy and his crew. The main villains in this movie are Buena Festa, who has organized the festival, and Douglas Bullet. The magnitude of the fight between Bullet and Luffy is going to be so big that the Revolutionary Army members, Marines and the Warlords will get involved as well.

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