One Piece: Stampede Movie Announced, Key Visual And More

Hey everyone! Today, we have an exciting topic at hand, and I’ve been waiting to talk about this for so long now. Finally, out of nowhere, One Piece’s upcoming 2019 movie was announced, and that has me hyped a lot, as you probably guessed. I’m sure that you are hyped as well, so let’s get into detail about the upcoming One Piece movie, shall we?

One Piece Stampede Movie Details

First things first, the name of the movie is One Piece: Stampede. My first impression of the movie is that the name isn’t quite the best. We were all guessing that the name of the movie would turn out to be Film Rocks or something along that line, but we were wrong. On the other hand, out of all the things that One Piece has taught us so far, the thing that stands out the most is to not judge a book by its cover. Often, characters that look funny or not that intimidating turn out to be very dangerous.


Same goes for the movie here. The movie will most likely be the best One Piece movie to date. Of course, that’s just my guess, but you have to keep in mind that it is the 20th anniversary of the manga next year, so it will likely be huge. So what will the movie be about? So far, we don’t know anything. But, I still believe that the movie will be related to Rocks. The reason why I think so is because we saw Oda addressing them in the manga the same way he did with Shiki before the Strong World Film came out.

So, my guess is that Rocks will still be relevant in the movie in one way or the other. What other information do we have? We do know that there is a villain who is behind this huge debris and Luffy will be at the center of the action, so let’s hope the movie is a great one indeed!

One Piece: Stampede is premiering in Japan on August 9, 2019. Some of you may know that Jump Festa 2019 is just around the corner now. It is a huge event in Japan that will take place on December 22 and 23, where details on various anime and manga will be revealed revealed. I expect a trailer for the movie to drop there.

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