One Piece Prototype ‘Romance Dawn’ To Get Animated For Anime’s Anniversary

It was announced recently on the website of One Piece that they will be producing an episode based on Romance Dawn story which is said to be a prototype story written by Oda before One Piece. This is being done in order to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of One Piece anime. This episode will air in place of the supposed One Piece episode on 20 October 2019.

Romance Dawn is believed to be one of the two stories that Eiichiro Oda jas written before he started to write the original One Piece manga. Romance Dawn was written in 1996 by Oda. Its main character also was Monkey D Luffy, but none of the other characters were the same as One Piece. But the story was based on the lives of pirates as well.

Oda named the first collected installment of One Piece as Romance Dawn back in the day. Twice the Romance Dawn story has been republished one in One Piece Wanted and the other in One Piece Red book. Also, the Romance Dawn was animated once before in 2008.

The plot of the Romance Dawn is pretty different from One Piece’s original plot although the story is based on a pirate’s life and another thing common in them is Monkey D Luffy himself.

In Romance Dawn, there are three main characters one being Monkey D Luffy himself and the other two being Silk and Galley. The story starts with Luffy witnessing a pirate ship entering his home island and Silk urging the people there to fight against them rather than just giving them whatever they have.

While Galley is the one who invades the island with his own crew, in the end, it is shown that both Galley and Silk are crewmates under the captain Monkey D Luffy. So, it indeed is quite an interesting story, and it will be fun to get to witness a different story on the anniversary of One Piece anime.

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