One Piece Prediction: Is Kozuki Toki From The Void Century?

A lot of mystery is surrounding the fate of the Kozuki family who met their end (except Momonosuke) 20 years ago. Oden was supposedly killed by Orochi while Toki and Hiyori were supposedly burned alongside the Oden’s Castle. Toki managed to send Momonosuke, Kinnemon, Raizo, Kanjuro, and Kiku in the future as there is no ally to help them in the past.

Lady Toki ate the Toki Toki no Mi, which enabled her to leap through time and go to her future. She was not from the present time twenty years ago. It was revealed in One Piece chapter 920¬†Lady Toki was born “…long ago, in the ancient past”. That’s hard to believe, even in the One Piece universe. But what does Kinnemon mean in the “ancient past”?

Donal D. Trump theorized that Lady Toki is from the Void Century and that she traveled from the past to the future in order to save herself. He also speculated the power of Toki Toki no Mi. Toki was able to send herself or someone from the past but her power might be limited. Donal D. Trump also speculated that Toki can either travel to the future alone or send a group of people into the future without her. The most important question right now is this: why did Toki come from the past to the future?

One Piece Manga Chapter 921

According to the theory, Lady Toki came to the future because she knows what happened to the Void Century. She follows the “will of D” and that she was ordered by Joyboy to come to the future. It seems like she knows that something will happen in the future that will reveal what really happened in the Void Century. But in order for that event to happen, she must poke around with the past that will probably lead to the creation of that future she had foreseen aka. sending Momo and co. in the current timeline.

Wano Arc is expected to unveil all the truth regarding the Kozuki plan and that includes the truth about Lady Toki. What happened to her and to Kozuki Hiyori after Momo and co. was sent to the future? We will know more in the next chapters.

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