One Piece Movie 2019 Details: What We Know So Far

One Piece 2019 Movie

One Piece is getting a new movie next year, and this announcement was made a couple of months ago. Surprisingly, no details on the movie were revealed since then. We were told that a specific issue of Weekly Shounen Jump would reveal bits of information on the movie.

However, that didn’t turn out to be quite right. So when exactly is the movie premiering? When will be get a look at the movie? While we don’t know answers to a lot of questions right now, I’ll try my best to answer all those questions here. So let’s get started, guys!

One Piece Film Rocks

One Piece New Movie Release Date

One Piece’s new movie is coming in the celebration of that 20th anniversary of the manga. It is being speculated that the movie is going to be focused on a group of Pirates called Rocks.

This Pirate Crew rules the entirety of the Grand Line about 40 years ago. There weren’t any Emperors back then, and Rocks was the only power that existed. However, something happened to them, and their Captain supposedly lost their life. We don’t know what is going to happen in the movie yet, but the speculation that it will feature Rocks is very strong.

Coming over to the release of the movie, we know that it’ll be out in 2019 at some point. One Piece Film Gold was released in August 2016. So, I think this movie will out around the same time. August 2019 seems like the right time for the movie to premiere in my opinion. A trailer for the movie isn’t out yet. In fact, information on the movie is scarce. But, I know when you should expect the information to come out.

Some of you may know that Jump Festa 2019 is just around the corner now. It is a huge event in Japan where details on various anime and manga are revealed. Usually, we get information on what to expect from the series in 2019. So, this is a perfect place to showcase the new One Piece movie’s trailer. Although I’m not sure if we’ll get a trailer or not, I’m certain that new details on the movie will definitely be revealed.