One Piece Manga Editor Reveals Reverie Schedule, Chapter 909-915

One Piece schedule

One Piece‘s Reverie arc has just begun a couple of chapters ago and even though we’re yet to see if this arc lives up to the expectations. However, We can tell one thing, reverie arc is way more interesting than we actually thought. Majority of the fans were expecting Wano Arc, right after Whole Cake Island Arc, but that didn’t happen, as we got Reverie in between these two. Monkey D. Dragon plans to declare war on the Celestial Dragons, and the Warlords system might be abolished. In the last One Piece chapter, we saw Cobra, Riku, and Fujitora discussing something important, the reason I believe they were talking about Warlords is that King Riku and Cobra, both of their country were taken over by Warlords.

One Piece Manga 909-915

One Piece manga 909 910

The fans are expecting a total of 30 chapters for the reverie arc, but that’s not going to happen. According to an editor of One Piece creator, Eiichiro Oda, One Piece’s Reverie arc will not last for more than 10 chapters from now onwards. We are already four chapters in the Reverie arc, so that means it will most likely wrap up by One Piece Manga Chapter 915.

Thanks to @SandmanAP of Arlong Park for the information. According to the One Piece editor, Oda has already set his sights on Wano Arc and wants to begin it as soon as possible. Furthermore, according to the editor, there will a lot of important information revealed during the Reverie arc at once, it’ll be hard to keep up with it.

One Piece Reverie Schedule

I’ll be adding the remaining chapters only, with possible official dates. If there are any changes to this, we will update this page.

One Piece Chapter 909 – 2 July 2018

One Piece Chapter 910 – 9 July 2018

One Piece Chapter 911 – 16 July 2018

One Piece Chapter 912 – 23 July 2018

One Piece Chapter 913 – 30 July 2018

One piece Wano Arc

One Piece Chapter 914 – 6 August 2018

One Piece Chapter 915 – 13 August 2018

This is if there are no breaks or holidays in between, but don’t worry we will keep you updated with the latest schedule.

We are most likely going to get Wano Country arc at the end of August or start of September. One Piece manga has gotten really interesting lately, I’m sure you all are excited to hear that Wano Kuni Arc will begin soon.

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