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One Piece Manga Faces a Blank Chapter Schedule for July 2021

One Piece Schedule

One Piece schedule has entered some strange territories for the year 2021, with frequent manga breaks taking place. It will be for the second time this year that fans will be getting only two chapters in a period of four weeks. And given the arc that the manga is currently on, then the wait could feel like forever. To make things simpler, we will summarise the chapters releases for July 2021 according to the official schedule for the manga. One Piece manga is currently on the heat of Who’s Who vs. Jinbe’s battle with Who’s Who seemingly defeated. So the next chapter will bring more updates on that end. 

This means that whether that would be a build-up to an interesting showdown, or if it was just the end of the battle that was so quick, then we will find out in the next chapter. That will take a while, though, with only two chapters expected for July. Things like this happen only if Oda’s break overlaps with other events that would delay the release of a new chapter. Last time it was when Oda’s break overlapped with the WSJ break, and this time it is due to the Olympics that will be soon taking place in Japan. Consequently, other animes like I’m a Spider So What? and Digimon Adventures have experienced delays due to the Olympics.

To break things down into simpler terms, we all know that One Piece manga takes a break every three consecutive weeks. This is simply because Eiichiro Oda, One Piece’s creator, needs a break in his work as well. So we should keep in mind that Mangaka puts a lot of sleepless nights in their work. The problem comes when other events intervene with the chapter release.

One Piece Manga Schedule: July Breaks

Is there a One Piece Chapter this week? Yes, One Piece 1018 will release this weekend on 04 July 2021, later in the day JST. It will be the first chapter for the month, followed by a break on the weekend to follow. One Piece chapters usually release on Sundays unless on events where the upcoming chapter releases together with a new manga volume. In that case, then the chapter will release on Friday at the same time as the WSJ volume.

One Piece 1018

One Piece 1018

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Sunday, 11 July 2021, is one piece manga taking a break during this weekend? One Piece manga will be on hiatus on the weekend of 11 July. This means that we won’t get any official updates over that week. So we will have to wait for the weekend after that. For those who follow spoilers, you will be able to get them as early as Monday for that respective week’s chapter. But they can be as late as Wednesday or Thursday in some weeks. Also, if you wonder how long is One Piece on break for? Each break lasts only a week, so we get a chapter once in two weeks in the worst possible case. 

One Piece Chapter 1019 will release on 18 July 2021. After the one-week break, fans will receive official updates with the release of a new chapter. That is where the manga will focus on the developments of the fight in Wano and how things will be turning out for the Straw Hats and the Samurai, who still have a disadvantage in numbers against Kaidou’s men. 

One Piece will then go on another break on 25 July 2021, which will be the last weekend of the break. This means that One Piece 1020 will be released on the first weekend of August. And just like that, we will only get two chapters, unfortunately for July 2021. One Piece 1020 spoilers will release on the last weekdays of July. 

So, for now, let’s focus on the upcoming chapters and take them one chapter at a time. For official releases, VIZ Media and Manga Plus will release official chapters on their websites. So to keep the community going, it is best to read from official sources where you can read the latest chapters for free.

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