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One Piece

One Piece Manga Crosses Batman Comics, Sells 490 Million Copies Worldwide

One Piece Manga sells 490 million Copies
One Piece.

One Piece has made a record of standing as the number 1 most selling manga of the year for decades until Koyoharu Gotouge’s Demon Slayer came along. After losing its spot in the past few years, some fans were starting to raise questions about the manga’s popularity. However, One Piece stands back again, breaking new records, this time globally. Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece has been an epic saga. Sailing through the waters, the story has led its readers through startling plot twists and breathtaking battles. The manga began serialisation in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in 1997. Since the manga has been ongoing and gathering more and more fans with every volume. The manga’s anime adaptation started airing two years later. After its long journey, the One Piece Manga sells 490 million copies. The news, as satisfying as it is, comes with more additional news worth celebrating.

Eiichiro Oda has created an amazing story. Even after decades, the manga’s charm is still intact. More so, he continues to make jaw-dropping revelations every now and then, filling in an aura of suspense. No wonder One Piece fans continue to come back for more after having tasted the first bite. Eiichiro Oda’s top tier level of skills have brought us some of our favourite characters from the likes of Trafalgar Law and Dracule Mihawk to Nami and Boa. As One Piece sells 490 copies worldwide, fans of the franchise have taken to every social media app and forum to gather and celebrate this huge milestone.

Here is everything we know about One Piece’s newest success and its major consequence!

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One Piece Manga sells 490 Million Copies Worldwide

In 2019, One Piece hit its 450 million mark. One Piece dominated the Oricon’s list for years. When it did not, One Piece sailed ahead to make a mark on a higher, international level. One Piece now has a cumulative of 490 million copies sold worldwide. Out of these, 400 million are are are circulating in Japan, and the remaining 90 million are from overseas.

With its new record, the manga has now surpassed the sales of the Batman comics, which has sold a cumulative of 484 copies globally. Eiichiro Oda has indicated that the manga is closing its end and he will be concluding the series in the next four or five years. Having hit almost half a million seems like a good way for the manga to go. One piece is already the most sold manga. As of September 3, the manga will be releasing its 100th volume. In the celebration of the manga’s century as well as its 24th anniversary, a number of projects are also getting launched. A collaboration between Shueisha, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, and Bascule, an interactive production company, is one of these projects. The project is titled the Kibo Discover Project.

Additionally, other projects as follows will also be launched:

  • A crossover titled ‘Where’s Waldo’.
  • A voice comic of Oda’s one-shot manga titled ‘Monster’.
  • An interview between Monkey D Luffy, Lawless Trafalgar and Eustass Kid.
  • A new chapter of Shokugeki no Sanji.
  • Free release of the first 90 volumes on the Jump+ app for a limited time.
  • New video to be uploaded on the One Piece official YouTube channel.
  • The third One Piece Knowledge Test
one piece knowledge test

One Piece: Knowledge Test.

The One Piece staff will continue to launch more such fun projects.

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About One Piece

When Gol D. Roger, the renowned Pirate King, died, he revealed the existence of One Piece, the one mythical treasure. Thus many sailed to find the greatest treasure to not only gain unlimited riches but also to crown themselves the title of the Pirate King. However, Monkey D. Luffy aspires to be a pirate for the thrill of it. Luffy gathers a crew, who call themselves the Straw Hat Pirates. Thus they sail, through dangerous waves and enemies, exciting twists, and thrilling adventures towards finding One Piece.

In the Weekly Shonen Jump 33/34 merger issue, One Piece announced its upcoming 24th anniversary through the coloured cover of the magazine that featured Luffy as seen in the Kibo Discover Project. The manga has long been a true gem and we wish to see more of the Straw Hat Pirates’ adventures till the end.

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