One Piece Manga Chapter 930: The Six Flying Fighters Of Kaido

Hey everyone! In this post, I’ll be talking about One Piece Chapter 930. One Piece Chapter 929 leaked early last week when it was supposed to come out this week. Because of that, we’re not getting a chapter this week. The previous chapter gave us a lot of details about the Shogun. We got to see what he looks like and more importantly, we got to see the CP0 at Wano Country.

So why exactly was CP0 at Wano? Well, they’re there because of some weapons trade. The Shogun wants Dr. Vegapunk in return though, and that’s very intriguing. It is possible that we will get to see Vegapunk at Wano as well. The most important reveal of the chapter was when X-Drake made his introduction in his Hybrid form, and along with him, Page One was introduced as well.

One Piece Chapter 930

Both of them have dinosaur Devil Fruits, with Drake having the Allosaurus model, and Page One having the Spinosaurus model. It makes me wonder whether we’ll see a T-Rex Devil Fruit as well, but who knows? In the next chapter, we will likely see the facing off against Trafalgar Law and Sanji. Both Sanji and Law need to get into some immediate action to power up, and what better time to do it than now. I think Sanji will likely be taking on Page One, while Law will take on Drake.

Meanwhile, we have Basil Hawkins, who could face Roronoa Zoro at the Flower Capital as he too is headed to the same place. I think both Drake and Hawkins will survive their fights because I believe they will betray the Beasts Pirates, but I’m not too sure about Page One. I think Page One will be defeated by Sanji, and after his defeat, Drake and Hawkins will secretly join hands with Trafalgar Law.

One Piece 930 will come out on January 21, 2019. It is likely that the manga will be on a break after chapter 929. For now, the release date for One Piece 930 is January 21, 2019, and we will get the scans on January 18.

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