One Piece Chapter 892 Leaked Spoilers, Something Happens To Luffy

one piece manga 892 spoilers online

One Piece Chapter 892: Acknowledging a Strong Enemy

Thanks to Yonkou Production for the spoilers.

Peros doesn’t understand if he should destroy the cake or leave it alone since if he destroys it, Big Mom will kill him, but he thinks Bege poisoned it. If Big Mom dies, then the kingdom is doomed, and if she doesn’t get cake, she’ll condemn the country.

Meanwhile, Bege guarantees Sanji they won’t do anything to the cake, but then, they’re free to do whatever they require to Big Mom, and Sanji corresponds to that since his purpose was only to make and pass the cake. Brook lied to Sanji regarding Pedro dying for some cause. Nami was about to mention him because he questioned about Carrot and Pedro, but Brook said they’re both sleeping in the next room. Peros and the others go after Bege. He tells Smoothie, Citron, Cinnamon to go after them while he and the other ship go after Bege. Jinbe says Big Mom’s forces have them surrounded so they’ve, acknowledged how strong the Straw Hats are.

They’ve still got three hours till getting to Cacao Island, but they have no idea when Luffy will show up. Sanji says there’s only one plan they can go with them. While Oven is saying everyone on the island to break their mirrors. So there’s only one way for Luffy to escape if he tries to, where they’ll get him.

Luffy vs. Katakuri:-  Luffy won’t stay down and Katakuri realizes if the conflict drags on his observation haki will grow as good as his.
So Katakuri is trying to finish this quickly.

Katakuri uses his trident to hit upon Luffy; His eyes go white. Flampe looks on laughing at Luffy.


Future Power-Ups Of The Straw Hats! – One Piece

I think everyone believes that the Straw Hats will get new power-ups in Wano. Some of the Straw Hats are doing great right now, but they will still need new powers to fight strong enemies in Wano, so in this video, you will see their possible new powers.



Usopp is a sniper, so his main power must be Observation Haki. It’s too early for Advanced Haki,
but I believe he will be able to control his Observation Haki well. Also he may develop his Kabuto



One Piece, Nami


Nami is one of the most useful characters at the whole cake island. I don’t think that she will have a big power up. Maybe she will awaken Observation Haki. It will be very useful for her fighting style. Also Improvement of her Climat Tact attacks and her ability to control weather to the point that
she can turn in her advantage any kind of fight would be amazing. Some courage too.



Tony Tony Chopper #one piece 코리아레이스ƒb【HTTP://POP99.DE.VC】ƒb #코리아레이스 #금요경마결과


Chopper didn’t show much at Whole Cake Island, so we will see his power up at Wano as far as he will have to fight many Zoan users. It will be good if his Monster Point will have no time limit. Also Kung Fu abilities and high durability.



Nico Robin

When Robin joined the crew, she was very strong. Maybe even stronger than Zoro, but she had no
development after that. So I hope we will see her new abilities in Wano. She has amazing Devil Fruit and if she combines it with Armament Haki, her powers will be deadly. Robin ate Hana Hana no Mi
when she was a kid. It may be unexpected and there is a little chance that it will happen, but we may see her awakening.




Brook is the MVP of 2017. I think he will have a little power up at Wano. As far as he is a swordsman and Wano is the country of Samurais, he may awaken Armament Haki. We may see More ice based attacks with his sword or great attacks based on music.

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