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‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 891 Spoilers

one piece 891

At Reddit, some fans speculated that break would be this week, and the upcoming chapter will be out on January 12, 2018.

Eiichiro Oda chose to take a one week break. Still, fans can’t help but speculate on what will occur to the Strawhat Pirates as Big Mom continues to attack the Thousand Sunny, searching for the wedding cake.

Will the Strawhats find a way to defeat Big Mom?

In the previous chapter of One Piece, Despite not finding the cake on the Thousand Sunny, Big Mom strikes the Straw Hats. She overpowers them and damages the Thousand Sunny, but Jinbe unleashes a surprise strike to knock her off the ship. Nami then charges Zeus with thunderclouds, and the cloud homie’s fierce attack allows Brook to slice it in half before Nami manages its energy to deliver a massive shock to Big Mom. Nami then catches Zeus, but a weakened Big Mom plans to attack again.

Brook purposely targeted Zeus so Big Mom can’t use him as a ride. Nami took the position of the situation and discharged the electricity from Zeus. Using all the strength she gathered, Nami attacked Big Mom with a lightning bolt. The Strawhats used the opportunity to escape as Big Mom continues to follow them while riding on Prometheus.

At the edge of One Piece Chapter 890, the Strawhats succeeded to capture Zeus, who told that he no longer has enough strength to go wild. Nami gave him two options die or become her slave. Most fans including me believe that Nami will successfully steal Zeus from Big Mom, giving her a massive power-up.

With the announcement of One Piece Chapter 891 remains unknown, fans at Reddit are already predicting what will happen next. Judgement speculated that the upcoming chapter would feature the continuation of the battle between Monkey D. Luffy and Charlotte Katakuri. In the previous chapters, Luffy gave a significant hint that he’s near to find a way to defeat the sweet commander. He wants to improve his Observation Haki to somewhat where he can predict the future like Katakuri.

Meanwhile, Chicano180 predicted the Sun Pirates would come to help the Strawhat Pirates. Sun Pirates will succeed to destroy numerous ships of the Big Mom Pirates. This will put the opponent in a massive dilemma since most of Big Mom’s sons and daughters are devil-fruit eaters.


11 Characters That Are Yonko Level or Higher

The Yonko are the 4 most notorious and most powerful pirate captains in the world. Collectively, these 4 Pirates control the entire New World. They’re remarkably powerful.

I’ve made a list of 11 Character in One Piece Characters who are just as Strong, or maybe even stronger than the Yonko.

11. Fujitora

Fujitora is supposed to be one of the strongest fighters within the whole world Government structure, as an admiral is regarded as the “Greatest Military Power.”
His Devil Fruit grants him the ability to manipulate gravity around a chosen location at will by sending gravitational forces.
Jack, attacked the Marine escort in an attempt to retrieve Doflamingo. Though he sank two of the Marine ships, Jack was ultimately defeated.

10. Aokiji

Kuzan is very powerful, as being an admiral grants him the title of the strongest individual fighter within the World Government and Marines.

This was verified by the Gorosei calling him an ‘enormous power’ while discussing his connection with the Blackbeard Pirates.

9. Rayleigh

Rayleigh is remarkably powerful, easily one of the strongest characters introduced. Shakuyaku vouches for his strength by stating that he is “100 times stronger than all of you boys”, indicating to the Eleven Supernovas.

Kizaru even declared that if the Marines were to make an honest effort at capturing Rayleigh, they would need to do severe preparation, further explaining his great strength.

He is also a tremendously powerful and skilled swordsman, though he claimed to have degraded in skill slightly from his younger and healthier days.

8. Kong

Kong is the Commander in Chief of the Marines and works directly for the Gorosei. He was once the Fleet Admiral of the Marines. Kong must’ve been mighty, and he’s probably Yonko level.

7. Sengoku

Sengoku is a Mythical Zoan kind devil fruit user, which enables him to turn into a Buddha and create Shockwaves. He even overwhelmed Blackbeard at Marineford. Sengoku is one of the powerful characters in the whole series.

Sengoku is also a great strategist as he planned all the counterattacks against Whitebeard Pirates.

6. Kizaru

As seen in Sabaody Archipelago, the small presence of just a particular admiral was sufficient to cause a fear on the island and make the whole population escape from the island, including the Eleven Supernovas.

He holds one of the strongest Devil Fruits in One Piece history. He has a Logia type Devil Fruit called Pika Pika no Mi.

5. Mihawk

Mihawk is the single greatest swordsman existing in the world, proven by his perfect mastery of swordsmanship.

He was a rival to one of the Yonko in the world, Shanks. However, Mihawk lost interest in him after Shanks lost his left arm.

4. Monkey D. Garp

Garp is recognized as the strongest marine in the World, and the only man who cornered Gol D. Roger many times. His rivals admired him. Little of what he can do was shown during his “fight” against Don Chinjao in which he defeats him with only one punch.

It was exposed that he was offered the rank of admiral more than once, but regularly refused the promotion.

3. Sakazuki

Sakazuki’s presence alone was sufficient to deter the Blackbeard Pirates from performing a trade with the Marines for a Marine Battleship, and efficiently scared the Blackbeard Pirates off the island they were briefly inhabiting.

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