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One Piece

One Piece Future Arcs: What Is Next For The Straw Hat Pirates?

future one piece arcs confirmed

One Piece is not just an everyday anime you will hear about. It has been running for more than two decades and does not seem to stop anytime soon. Both its manga and anime have released more than a thousand chapters and episodes, respectively. One Piece is one of the most successful anime of all time. It is created by Eiichiro Oda. Recently Oda said that One Piece is going to enter its final stage. But fans were not much worried because they knew that they would still get more One Piece content for the next few years easily, but what can we expect from the future arcs?

The One Piece manga recently finished off the fight between the yonko Kaidou and Monkey D. Luffy. As expected, Luffy came out on top but not easily. Kaidou almost defeated Luffy in the fight. Luffy finally unleashed the much-awaited 5th Gear helping him defeat Kaidou. The anime, meanwhile, is also running through the Wano Arc. So the anime fans can expect Luffy and Kaidou to fight soon. With the Wano arc in manga over and in anime almost coming to an end, fans have been wondering about the upcoming arc already.

In this article, we will discuss the future arcs in One Piece, which are confirmed. With Oda confirming that the manga has entered its final stage, not many arcs are left.

What Is After The Wano Arc?

We have seen over the years how Oda properly finishes off an arc. After the main arc is a post arc of the same to finish it off properly, so we can expect a post-Wano arc. In this, we can expect there to be one final meeting of the alliances to bid adieu.

Which Arc Is Going To Be Next?

At least three arcs have been confirmed after the Wano arc. In the future arcs of One Piece, there will be the Elbaf arc, Raftel (Laugh Tale) arc, and the Final War arc.

What To Expect In Elbaf Arc?

Before talking about the story, we must know what Elbaf is. Elbaf, as One Piece fandom knows, is a kingdom full of giants. It is also the strongest kingdom in the world. The kingdom of Elbaf is only shown once so far in anime and manga. The only time it was shown in in the flashbacks of Big Mom.

future one piece arcs confirmed

Kingdom of Elbaf

Elbaf kingdom was first heard of in the Little Garden arc. Going to Elbaf after the Wano arc is meaningful. As we know, Usopp has always wanted to go to Elbaf. So the Straw Pirates’ next destination is going to be the Elbaf Kingdom. We might even see the fan-favorite Shanks. Why, you ask? The answer is pretty simple, Elbaf comes under Shanks’ territory, so it is more than enough for Luffy to reunite with Shanks.

What Will Happen In Laugh Tale Arc?

Laugh Tale arc is the most anticipated one. Laugh Tale island is the very end of the world. It is also said that the One Piece treasure is in Laugh Tale Island. Gol D. Roger named the Island Laugh Tale after arriving there with his crew. But, before our straw hats can reach Laugh Tale, they will have to collect all 4 poneglyphs. Luffy so far has 2 poneglyphs. We can expect him to find the 3rd one in Kaido’s hideout in Onigashima, while the 4th one still being a mystery. It is only a few months or years before we can see Luffy at the laugh tale island and finally getting his hands on the legendary One Piece treasure.

future one piece arcs confirmed

Gol D. Roger

What Is The Final War Arc?

The final war arc is where all hell is going to break loose. Whitebeard said before dying that the whole world will be at war after One Piece is found. He also said that Teach would never become the pirate king, which means Teach would ultimately lose against Luffy. Whitebeard talked about the biggest battle in history. This means the 11 Supernovas, remaining Yonkos, World Government, the Strawhats, and the Revolutionaries will duke it out in an epic battle.

Another thing to notice is the destruction of Redline. Madam Sharley’s talked about a vision where the Redline will be destroyed by Luffy. This will result in the annihilation of Fishman Island. We can expect Poseidon to appear and call upon Noah to save the fishmen. Imu Sama will also finally reveal his face to the world. In the end, Luffy will achieve his dream of being the pirate king, and all his crew members will also succeed.

What has Oda planned for the future? We don’t know, but we know for sure that these are the future One Piece arcs. So be ready as the best of One Piece is yet to come!

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