One Piece February 2022 Chapter Schedule and Manga Breaks

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One Piece February 2022
One Piece

After hectic holidays and the new year schedule One Piece February 2022 chapter schedule will see things return to normal. In the past two months, we have received only two chapters, and it’s fortunate to see that February 2022 will see things return to normal. This came when manga breaks came twice in each of the past two months due to the holidays break.

So we have received the least of updates from the manga creators. Nevertheless, things were intense as in the past two chapters, we managed to see the Onigashima raid escalate and shift its focus towards Big Mom’s side, and soon we should see how that will end up. The last chapter of the manga has turned into a test of endurance between Big Mom and the supernovas as they knock each other out repeatedly.

From December last year, we managed to see scenes filled with intense action from the fight on the rooftop. Then things transitioned to the big fight on the lower floors where Law and Kid kept Big Mom at bay. So from then, only two chapters of action transpired, which were entirely dedicated to the final stages of Big Mom’s fight.

Ever since Law and Kid demonstrated their devil fruits awakening, we knew from then that this fight would be entering its final stages. They managed to push Big Mom to her limits, and now the outcome of the fight seems uncertain, knowing that Big Mom’s true ability is yet to unleash its full potential.

One Piece Chapter 1040 will follow through this weekend and will be the last one before the manga returns to its usual break. Since we know that February is a short month, we will look at the expected chapter releases and the manga break for the months.

One Piece Manga Chapter Schedule: February 2022

One Piece Chapter 1039 was released on 06 February 2022

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One Piece Chapter 1040 will be released on 13 February 2022

One Piece Manga Break on 20 February 2022

One Piece Chapter 1041 will be released on 27 February 20222

This should sort things out for the foreseeable future. The usual norm still continues where we get three chapters followed by Oda’s break. So in a normal month, we get three chapters and one break. This means that One Piece Chapter 1042 will be on a break and will return in the first week of March.

One Piece Anime
One Piece Anime

Taking a look at what would transpire in February, we have already received the first chapter of the month last week. And the spoilers for the upcoming chapters will be released soon, so we already have a direction on where things would go. It has been a while since the manga focused on Big Mom’s fight, and both sides have taken quite a tremendous damage. So whatever comes next would decide the fight.

Based on the last scene from the last manga chapter, Big Mom has taken quite a fatal blow as the law uses a new large-scale attack followed by Kid’s ultimate move as well. Big Mom seemed to be weakening over time, and there might not be many scenes left in this fight.

The writers are probably creating a moment of suspense just before revealing the outcome of Big Mom vs. Law and Kid’s fight. As one of the Yonkou’s and key figures in One Piece, the fall of Big Mom should be shocking news if it happens. So the next scenes from her fight vs. the two supernovas will be very crucial as this will be a big reveal regardless of what happens next.

The rooftop is also fierce, but as time goes the enemies seem to keep on falling one by one, just like we saw with the Tobiroppo and the All-Stars.

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Focus: Big Mom’s Fall and The Last Moments of Onigashima Raid

The Onigashima raid has now shifted from just an ordinary fight between Kaidou, his alliance with Big Mom, and then Ninja, Pirate, Mink, Samurai alliance. The CP agents have entered in the mix, and now Zunesha as well. Momonosuke is hearing strange voices, and there is still a mysterious figure with a scythe who appears before Zoro. So by the end of the month, we expect another transition as the Big Mom’s fight seems to have concluded.

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