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One Piece Episode 992: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

One Piece

The era of the Luffy-Straw Hat and Kaido’s son Yamato begins with One Piece Episode 992 with Luffy clashing with Ulti and Page One, but a mysterious incident happened. One Piece has revealed the Onigashima battle that starts with the Samurai and the Straw Hats invading Onigashima to take down Kaido and Orochi. From the latest episode of One Piece, Luffy landed a Gum-Gum: Elephant Gun that blows Page One way. But Ulti interferes and grabs him trying to finish him with Ulti-Meteor. Ulti told Luffy that he would pay for beating her Pay-Pay. But mysterious being wearing a mask arrived and landed Thunder Bagua that sent Ulti to sleep. 

That being runs with Luffy while holding him, telling him that ”I’ve been waiting for you.” Luffy wonders who this is, and he hears My name is Yamato, Kaido’s son. The episode title is “Enemy or Ally? Luffy and Yamato.” Pero makes his way to the top and sees Ogisahima. He realizes that King and Marco pushed them twice, and they will pay. Marco landed a Phoenix Bran to send Big Mom’s ship back, but only Pero has managed to reach Onigshima.

Pero realizes that even Straw Hat needs to be punished and said “They better prepare themselves…Lick.” Pero admits that his candy weapon helped him get here, and he disapproves of Mama’s alliance. But the Big Mom Pirate will have the last laugh. Big Mom manages to catch up with Ussop and Chopper and send the Brachio Tank flying. Big Mom decided to make the two pay and do ”Life or Death.” But she heard a voice telling her about Zeus and the woman who kidnaped him.

Previously on One Piece Episode 991

Big Mom spared those two and heard to confront the likes of Nami and Shinobu. Ussop and Chopper are glad that they are alive since she almost took their soul away with that Life or Death. Nami and her crew are scared and realize that Big Mom is on her way inside the passage. On her way, Big Mom gave lives to object around her making her new army. She told the new army to follow her, and Zeus asked Nami what they had to do since Mama caught him; he would be dead. Shinobu suggests that they must outrun Big Mom and look for Momonosuke. Big Mom comments that there is no need to rush since the Performance Floor is ahead. 

One Piece

One Piece

Robin and Jinbe arrive at the Performance Floor and meet with the punk who tried to make Robin his wife. Ron uses her hand technique and punishes that punk. Queen announces that Shogun Orochi presents an impromptu special event starting now. The two are surprised to see Momonsuke chained, and Orochi announces Momonosuke’s execution. Orochi comments that the brat is Kozuki Oden’s son, who was thought to be dead 20 years ago and is sending the brat to meet his father. Kaido can’t believe that Orochi is ruining his banquet by doing stupid things. 

Zoro is fighting with the Gifters, who think that he got outnumbered and he will die soon. Zoro cuts 400 men with a single slash, and the Gifters are surprised and realize that he is a tough Swordman. He told them that his captain would become the King of Pirates. Ulti wakes up and realizes that Yamato messes up. Ulti decided to follow Luffy. Luffy refuses to listen to Yamato and lands a Gum-Gum: Red Hawk that reminds Yamato of Ace since they battle in the past. Yamato uses her knob to survive Red Hawk. 

One Piece

One Piece

One Piece Episode 992 Release Date

One-Piece Episode 992 will be released on 19 September 2021, at 9:30 AM. The latest episode of One Piece air on Sunday morning. Let’s look at the One Piece Episode 992 preview and other official details. 

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Where To Watch One Piece Episode 992

You can watch One-Piece Episode 992 online on Crunchyroll, Animelab, and Funimation. The new episodes of One Piece are available online with  English subtitles, and you can also access the One Piece anime webpage. 

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