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One Piece Episode 990: Release Date & Spoilers

One Piece
One Piece

The era of the Worst Generation Pirates begins with One Piece Episode 990, with Kinemon leading the Samurai and Luffy leading the Straw Hat to launch a surprise attack on Kaido and Orochi. This episode will be released on Sunday. One Piece has been hitting the Onigashima arc ever since Kanjuro failed to assassinate the likes of Kinemon. From the latest episode of One Piece, the Kinemon crew arrived at the Hall and found no one is inside. They decided to advance, but Big Mom opens the window and saw Chopper.

Ussop reminds Chopper about their code, and Chopper realizes that they are wearing disguised and there is no need to be afraid. Chopper comments that he is Chopper, the captain of the Tank, and he is patrolling. Big Mom buys that and closes the window. Ussop realizes that Chopper blows the cover, but Big Mama believed him. Big Mom realizes that the face she saw is familiar and that guy is a raccoon from the Straw Hat. She destroys the wall and begins to chase Ussop and Chopper. Chopper told Ussop to keep driving at full speed. Kinemon and others came out of hiding and decided to move since the two draw Big Mama away.

Big Mom calls her soldiers to fight with the Tank and watches them exchange explosives with Ussop and Chopper. Ussop and Chopper begin to kill all the soldiers using the weapons inside the Tank. They decided to face Big Mom since they have to meet with the others, and they have to meet with Franky and unleash something extraordinary. Big Mom gets furious and decided to fish the two with a single blow. Chopper told Ussop to drive without stopping.

Previously on One Piece Episode 989

Big Mom jumped from one hill to another and used a rocket bomb to blast Ussop and Chopper along the Tank. Chopper notice Big Mom diving from the mid-air and told Ussop to stop the Tank. Ussop wonders why, and Chopper replies that they have to trust the Tank. The rocket bomb connects, but nothing happens to the Tank. Big Mom decided to use a palm strike to blow the trio. Chopper opens the door and tosses the candy bomb at Big Mom’s mouth, telling her to eat that candy.

One Piece

One Piece

Big Mom ate that candy bomb, and it explodes in her mouth while sending her flying. The two celebrate that they have taken Big Mom down. When they are about to leave, Big Mom wakes up and asks them if they thought she could die with something like that. Ussop screams and asks Chopper what to do. Chopper replies that Ussop knows that they have one option in a situation like this: Run!. Big Mom begins to chase them, and Denjiro saw Sasaki opening the door and hides with his crew.

He told Kinemon that he has a plan and gets out to confront Sasaki. Sasaki notices that it is Kanjuro and told him to join him to drink beer together. Denjiro takes Sasaki somewhere, and they cuffed him with prison stones. Sasaki realizes that his Kanjuro has betrayed him. Inside the castle, Luffy vs. the Beast Pirates continues, and he decided to test his new technique. Luffy uses a new Wano Haki called Ryou and begins to punish Kaido’s underlings. Ulti and Page One falls from the passage and appear behind Luffy. When the dust clears, Luffy asks the two who they are, and Ulti asks who the hell is this guy. Luffy vs. Ulti and Page One will begin soon.

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One Piece Episode 990 Release Date

One Piece Episode 990 will be released on Sunday, 5 September 2021, at 9:30 AM. The latest episode of One Piece is available early on Sunday; make sure to use the local time around you and get the episode early. Let’s look at the official detail of One Piece below and the preview of the upcoming episode.

Where To Watch One Piece Episode 990

You can watch One Piece Episode 990 online on Crunchyroll, Animelab, and Funimation. The new episode of One Piece has English subtitles, and the anime has its official page and other streaming platforms.

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