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Preview & Recap: One Piece Episode 987

One Episode Piece 987
One Episode Piece 987

One Piece anime has recently slowed down in its manga adaptation, with One Piece Episode 987 set for broadcast next weekend. It’s been only a few weeks since the anime made it to Wano, but we haven’t covered that much from the manga. Before this, the anime was going at a pace of about one and a half chapters per episode. But now, with lots of action and additional flashbacks in the anime, it looks like the adaptation has gone to just one chapter adaptation with each new episode.

The latest episode of the anime took us through the Straw Hat’s first deal as chaos breakthrough on the live floor. With Apoo making his appearance, we got to see his fighting music in action. However, we do get a glimpse of the Tobiroopo every now and then. They are not directly involved in the ongoing action. So it looks like they have an agenda of their own going on in the background.

The first contact with the alliance has started. So with every episode that will be coming, it will no longer be necessary for everyone on the live floor to keep their disguise. Kidd’s temper comes into action once again, and he could not just ignore Apoo, who is busy torturing Luffy and Zoro with his fighting music.

Meanwhile, Queen takes this as one of his games and incite more violence by promising Tobiroppo’s position to anyone who would catch the intruders. While all this is going on, Queen decided to spectate as we expect more action to develop on the live floor. The anime adaptation of the manga has been interesting so far, which explains why the production staff is taking its time.

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One Episode Piece 987

One Episode Piece 987

Previously on One Piece Episode 986

The last episode of the anime took us through the next step in Wano’s raid. Recently Luffy and Zoro made a scene, but later on, they decided to stay away from more troubles. But with Apoo managing to see through their disguise, then this all came in vain. If we have been following the manga chapters that the episode adapted, this only covered about one manga chapter. So we expected to see how Zoro and Luffy will handle them against Apoo’s fighting music.

One would think that the episode would have taken us through to the beginning of Apoo and Kidd’s confrontation. But we only got to see a little bit of it as the episode left us in a cliffhanger. Now the next few days will feel longer than usual as we cant wait to see Luffy and Zoro’s counterattack. Kidd’s interference brought up a third party in the live floor battle against Apoo. So next time, the straw hats should get a good retaliation chance as Kidd tells them the secrets of Apoo’s attack.

The preview of the next episode took us through Apoo’s fighting music weaknesses. And as one of the Worst generations, then we expect him to put a fight worthy of his title. Zoro was already overwhelmed as he noticed that not only do the Beast Pirates have the advantage in numbers, but they are also strong. This should be an interesting episode to look forward to, especially for that fans of Zoro and Luffy.

The episode mainly focused on the live floor, and we also got to see what went down when Apoo betrayed Kidd. Kaidou appeared terrifying once again as it only took one slap for him to defeat all of Kidd’s crew.

One Piece Episode 987 Release Date

One Piece Episode 987 release date is 15 August 2021 at 9:30 AM JST. The anime will continue with the weekly release of new episodes on Sundays without any interruptions. So unlike the manga, the anime will continue without any breaks. Note that the time is in JST, so for most regions, the time will be behind by several hours. The preview of the next episode provided us a look into Kidd vs. Apoo’s fight, have a look:

Where to Watch One Piece Episode 987?

You will be able to watch One Piece episode 987 online on Crunchyroll, Funimation, AnimeLab, and Hulu. Free episodes are also available for streaming on Crunchyroll’s free account but at the expense of adverts, and that you will get the latest episode one week after its release. So this is how to watch One Piece anime online for free on the official websites.

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