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Spoilers & Preview: One Piece Episode 984

One Piece

The Golden Festival has recently begun, and Queen welcomes the Tobi Roppo: Animal Kingdom Pirates with a spectacular performance. Ulti, Page One, X Drake, Saski, Who’s Who, and Black Maria gathered inside one room, wondering why Kaido has summoned them. Let’s find what is happening at Onigashima in the latest episode of One Piece. Luffy and the others took the lead in the Raid by attacking the Tori gate in front of Onigashima, and they conquered it.

Kinemon leads the rest of the Samurai and thanks Luffy for making the job easy. The episode title is ”The Samura Warriors’ Earnestness! The Straw Hats Land at Onigashima.” The episode begins with the captain of Straw Hats stand on Sunny while they advance. Luffy announces that when they kick Kiado’s butt, they will have a big banquet. Captain Kid’s ship levels up with Sunny, and Luffy gets angry that Jaggy (Kid) might pass them. He comments that he won’t let anyone take Kaido’s head, and Killer confirms it.

Captain Kid wonders why Killer has few words to say and asks him if he wants to say. Killer laughed, and the rest of the crew laughs at the Straw Hats. Captain Kid vows that he will chop Kaid’s head off and display it on the bow of his ship. He is worried that Kaido turned Killer into a cheerful guy, and they will become a ”cheerful pirates” group. Luffy shouts that Jaggy is passing them and tells Jimbei to keep up with Jagg’s boat. Meanwhile, Kinemon, along with Kyoshiro, told Raizo to explain their plan to everyone.

Previously on One Piece Episode 983

Raizo took out the paper and said: while Luffu-dono lures the enemies to the front, Kinemon and Denjiro ( Kyoshiro) will split up and lead everyone else along the side mountain paths back entrance of the castle. To avoid whirling waves, the Samurai will try to reach the back entrance with Death (Law) boat. The trio said they would meet at the gate, and the two head to Boss Hyogoro. Boss Hyogoro told his crew to set sail. Law told Polar to get the submarine ready and head to Onigashima’s back entrance. Death submerged and disappears inside the water.

Meanwhile, Chopper enjoys singing Onigashima, Onigashima, let’s take down Kaido! Hunt the ogre!. The snow falls, and Luffy catches up with Captain Kid heading to Onigashima. Kinemon told the Samurai to stay focused since an ambush can happen at any moment. The fate of the Land of Wano will get determined by this battle. Denjiro is glad that he is fighting alongside Kinemon. The warriors entered Onigashima, and Captain Kid saw the head and said, there it is. Chopper comments that this is Kaido’s stronghold.

One Piece

One Piece

Surprise Attack: Gifters

Kinemon notices that no one is attacking them and realizes that Kanjuro has not reported yet. They are glad that they can launch a surprise attack. Sanji said that Kaido’s castle is deep on the island. Franky said they would have to buy time for Kinemon and the others to reach the back entrance. The guards are drunken and wonder why those ships are entering Onigashima. The second guy comments that they might be daydreaming, or it is the invaders.

Usopp decided to shut those guys before they caused trouble and unleashed Special Attack Green Star: Sleepgrass that puts those guys to sleep. Brook comments that he thought he saw people there, and Ussop said it looks like there are sleeping, and the problem got solved. Boss Hyogoro told his crew not to panic and what will they do when the real battle begins. Luffy and the rest of the team find a hiding spot, and Jimbei talked with the guys. Brook notice that the Samuara are ready to win or die.

He said there is no arrogance in taking on an Emperor of the Sea. They saw unknown guys, and Brooke wonders if they are Gifters, the power-users who ate the artificial Devil Fruit. Robin comments that they are not Gifters after seeing Captain Kid entering the mirror and appears on the other side as the Gifters. They are disguising themself to attack Onigashima. Luffy and the others passed through the mirror, and Kinemon told them to use those disguises to their advantage. He also told them to reach h the castle for the final battle.

One Piece Episode 984 Release Date

One Piece Episode 984 release date is 25 July 2012, at 9:30 AM. You can watch One Piece online on Crunchyroll Netflix; you can also look at Spoilers And Preview: One Piece Episode 983.

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