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Spoilers & Preview: One Piece Episode 981

One Piece Episode 981 Preview and Recap

One Piece Episode 981 is inching closer. The Raid to Onigashima has begun with the arrival of the Pirates of the Worst Generations. Kanjuro has shown his true colors and sides with Orochi’s men claiming that the Samurai stand no chance against Kaido. Momonosuke got kidnapped but fortunately, the Napping Kyoshiro arrived and revealed his true identity. Kyoshiro told the Akazaya that his Kyoshiro family will help with the Raid. One Piece great war begins as the Samurai and the Straw Hats pulverize Kaido’s men.

Kinemon realizes that they are more than enough to take Kaido down and tell everyone that they are heading to Onigashima to avenge Oden’s death. The episode title is ”A Tearful Promise! The Kidnaped Momonosuke!” The episode begins with Momonosuke shouting for help at Kawamatsu. The Samurai shouts that Kanjuro of the Akazaya betrayed them. Shinobu got tied with two green snakes, but she is trying to free herself. Kawamatsu came to the rescue and slashes those two snakes tying Shinobu. Sanji looks at the sky and gets furious, looking at what Kanjuro is doing to Momonosuke.

Sanji jumps towards Kanjuro while Chopper signals Luffy that Kanjuro has kidnapped Momonosuke. Luffy gets furious that the bastard fooled them all the time. Franky comments that Kanjuro is flying into clouds, and Usopp replies that he will shoot him down. Usopp fires ”Special Attack: Green Star Platanus Shuriken” that Kanjuro cuts with his Katana. Sanji appears above surprised Kanjuro and landed heavy kicks that Kanjuro blocks with his drawing stick. He swings and misses, but Sanji landed other heavy shots. Kanjuro comments that he has no time for fools and shakes his long red hair that produces a black cloud. Kinemon warns Sanji to step back since it might be a new technique they have never seen.

Previously on One Piece Episode 980

Kanjuro calls the technique an ”Ink Cloud” and comments ”Let the Ink Arrow rain down.”The Samura tries to survive the heavy rain of ”Ink Arrows” as Kanjuro makes his way to Onigashima. The heavy rain is known as Ukiyo Portrait: Evening Shower. Franky gets furious that Kanjuro is making his Sunny get dirty. Zoro joins Franky as they destroy the Ink Arrows. Nami trips and falls; fortunately, Sanji came to the rescue and used his body as a shield.

Sanji comments that the only person allowed to shoot an arrow through Nami and Robin’s heart is him. Ussop can’t believe that Sanji is blocking those arrows using his body. Momonosuke is scared that he is too high. He begs Kanjuro to stop the rain, or they will all die, and Kanjuro replies that they are all going to die. He reveals that Momo’s father and mother held out false hope and merely let those fools escape death for 20 years. The Akazaya members are trying to survive using their blades.

Kyoshiro, aka Denjiro, is also in action along with Raizo. Momonosuke admits that he is not Kozuki Oden, but they have to take Land of Wano back. Momonosuke announces that everyone must stop worrying about him since that is what the enemies want. And he wants everyone to bring down Kaido and Orochi while saving the Land of Wano. Luffy is glad that Momosuke stood up like a man and realizes that they won’t kill Momo. Now, they want to cause chaos using Momonosuke but Luffy teases Momo. The Samurai wonders why he is speaking so rudely to the next Shogun.

One Piece Episode 981 Preview and Recap


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First Son of the Sea: Jinbe

The guy asks who that bastard deserved to get chopped up is, but they got relieved when he says he will save Momo. Luffy led the Samurai and told them that they would sink the last ship later, but they must focus on their target. Shinobu shed tears that she failed to save Momonosuke, and Kinemon reveals that those guys won’t kill Momonosuke now. The crew reunites with Denjiro, but Law and Zoro realize that this guy gives them a hard time the first time they arrived at the Land of Wano.

Raizo asks Denjiro what happened to his face, and Denjiro recalls the days he spent preparing to take down Orochi. Denjiro replies that it is a long story, but he is happy to see everyone. The Samurai reports to Kinemon that they are okay, but some ships got wrecked, and they sustained few injuries. Captain Kid told his men not to fall behind the Straw Hats. Franky notices a ship firing a long-range cannon, and they realize that it is the ship they have allowed to escape. The boss of the boat comments that the Animal Kingdom Pirates have a variety of weapons.

Fortunately, the former captain of the Sun Pirates arrives underneath the ship and sinks the enemy’s boat. They heard a voice saying, ”I was born in the Fish-Man District, the Kingdom of Ryugu, the country in the deep sea. ” They realize that it is Jinbe who said he would exchange a cup of sake with Boss Straw Hat, and they can call him ”First Son of the Sea, Jinbe.” Captain Kid is shocked that the guy is joining the Straw Hats. Luffy is glad to see his friend again. We will see more of the Straw Hats in One Piece Episode 981.

One Piece Episode 981 Release Date & Preview

One Piece Episode 981 release date is 4 Julyne 2012, at 9:30 AM. You can watch One Piece online on CrunchyrollΒ &Β Netflix.

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