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Spoilers & Preview: One Piece Episode 979

One Piece

One Piece has returned to Monkey D Luffy’s era after revisiting Oden’s past. Luffy had a dream to become the King of the Pirates; on his journey, he earned the title ”Straw Hat.” Samurai from Oden’s era traveled to the future and met with a ray of light that will help them avenge Oden and take Kaido down. The Raid to Onigashima has finally begun, and Kinemon finds that Kanjuro is the spy. Kinemon cuts Kanjuro’s head, but it was a clone of Kanjuro. The Pirates of the Worst Generation have finally arrived.

Kanjuro shocks the Akazaya member that he is Kurozumi Kanjuro before Kinemon cuts his head. At Torga Port, the real Kanjuro appeared behind Shinobu and Monomosuke, but he got stunned when the three captains appear at sea. Although Luffy comments that the sea is for Pirates to fight on, Captain Kid told Kaido’s men to retreat. The episode title is ”The Worst Generation Charges! The Battle of the Stormy Sea.” Kinemon shouts ”Luffy-done! I am glad that you came!.” Raizo surprises the guy with a ”steel hand” has allied with Luffy.

Kaido’s underlings comment that the Worst Generation is here, and they thought that there were only remnants of the Akazaya. Usopp attacks Kaido’s men with Green Star: Skull Blast Grass and cuts the enemy’s boat in half. Zoro uses Enma and slashes another pirate ship in half. Kinemon is glad that the battle has turned to his side. Kinemon told the Akazaya members that they still have a chance to win as long as there are people who help them take Kaido down. Captain Kid shouts that all he wants is Kaido’s head. Kanjuro wonders why the Straw Hats are here. Kanjuro realizes that Law got jailed and wonders how Law escaped.

Previously on One Piece Episode 978

Momonosuke shouts at Kanjuro, telling him to from him. The Gifters and the Waiters wonder why the lion ship (Sunny) did not get destroyed since they blew it last night. The trio realizes that Orochi gave the orders last night, and they headed to Kuri beach and blew Sunny away. Kanjuro wonders how the Straw Hats repaired the damaged Sunny in one night. Franky shouts at the trio that messed up with Sunny. Chopper comments that they were enjoying last night, and those idiots ruin the party.

Last night the Straw Hats enjoyed wearing their new costume, but their party got interrupted but Kiado’s men who tried to destroy their ship: Sunny. Luffy chooses to wear an outfit that has a black coat and said pirates wear something black. Nami took the map and reveals that they are in Amigasa village, and the rendezvous point, Tokage Port, is nearby. Robin comments that 4000 troops will gather around Kinemon tomorrow. Brook comments the battle will be incredible and make his eyes pop out.

One Piece

One Piece

Brook adds that he is the skeleton, and he doesn’t have eyes to pop out. Sanji got annoyed when his rival Zoro pass near him. Sanji asks Zoro where he is going at this hour. Zoro replies that he wants to test the powers of his Katana. Sanji realizes that Zoro and directions are not good friends and told him not to get lost. Suddenly the Straw Hats heard a blast and wonders what is happing. Brook can’t believe that the explosion is coming from Sunny’s area. Franky gets furious and heads to save Sunny.

Thousand Sunny

In the present day, Franky asks Kaido’s underlings if they think they can destroy Sunny with an ordinary bomb. Kaido’s men can’t believe that their explosives didn’t work on Sunny. Franky comments that this ”Thousand Sunny is a ship that got built from Jewel Tree Adam and it’ll sail through a thousand seas.” Franky remarks that there is no way that stupid bomb would destroy sunny. Kanjuro shouts at Franky, asking if he means the explosives didn’t work.

Franky replies that those bombs didn’t even make a scratch. But the sail got burn and that what makes the Straw Hats angry. Usopp apologizes to Kinemon that it took them a while to repair the sails. Kinemon was like ”I see! So that is what happened.” Luffy asks Kinemon why there are only a few of his men since he heard that Kin would bring an army of Samurai. Brook comments that Luffy is right there were supposed to be a lot of allies here. Luffy said he doesn’t care as long as he enjoys smashing Kaido’s men and boats.

Chopper wonders what happened to the 35000 from the Excavation Labor Camp. Franky reveals 200 of Dogstorm’s Musketeers and 280 of Atamayama Thieve Brigade at Itachi Port. Zoro talks about a massive cache of weapons that will be enough for everyone that had to be delivered here from Ringo. Nami asks Kin if there is a problem. Kinemon replies that he made a blunder and kneel while apologizing to Luffy that their plan got leaked.

One Piece

One Piece

Three Captains

Luffy replies that they will have to fight, and Kanjuro attacks with his men. Law uses Room and destroys the ship near him; Luffy and Kid race to get Kaido first. Luffy unleashes Bonce-Man and smashes Kaido’s men. Captain Kid uses Punk Vise and slams the enemies. After the explosion, the three captains stood together, and Captain Kid asks who the loser is. Law notice that one ship is still on the sea. Luffy comments that it belongs to him.

The trio fights over who sank that ship while The Kyoshiro’s Family Ship arrives, and Kanjuro thinks he is safe. Zoro realizes that guy fought with him in the past. Kaido’s men comment that they need Kyoshiro’s help to sink the enemy’s ship. Kyoshiro replies that he has no problem killing the enemies. He took his Katana and blew the enemy’s ship with a single slash. Kyoshiro surprises the Straw Hats by sinking Kaido’s men ship. Kinemon wonders who that guy is. The three captains wonder why Kyoshiro kill those men.

One Piece Episode 979 Release Date

One Piece Episode 979 release date is 20 June 2012, at 9:30 AM. You can watch One Piece online on Crunchyroll Netflix.

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