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Spoilers & Preview: One Piece Episode 970

One Piece
One Piece

Oden has recently joined Rogers Pirates and sailed across the New World seeking the Road Ponegliffs, which detailed the location of the last island. Gol D. Roger finally waits to the last island guided by the four Ponegliffs. On their way, Roger hides his illness, but he let Shanks and Buggy at the nearby islands since buggy was sick. After few weeks, the news spread that Roger has conquered the sea. People lavishly praised Roger’s accomplishment. One Piece episode title is To the Land of Wano, The Roger Pirates Disband.

Roger became the king of pirates, and Whitebeard smiles after hearing that. Roger’s pirates celebrate since they have accomplished their goal. In the morning, Oden talks with Rayleigh about the last island. Oden comments that it was great to go there, and he is still excited. Roger joins them and comments that he feels the same. They both relax and talk together. Rayleigh asks Roger if he still remembers what he told him when they first met. Roger said he remembered, and he said ”Turn the world upside down.”

Previously on One Piece Episode 969

Rayleigh also reminds Roger that he said, ”We are destined to mee.” Roger asks if the promise is fulfilled, and Rayleigh agrees. Meanwhile, Buggy and Shanks have received the news that Roger is the king of pirates. But Buggy was disappointed that he was not there when they conquered the sea. Later Shanks told Buggy that Captain Roger has arrived. The two race as they welcome their captain, and Buggy is glad that they are here for them. They reunite with the captain and talk about something that was not revealed.

One Piece

The Great Treasure of One Piece

Oden notices that Redtaro (Shanks) asked Roger, who came back from Laugh Tale and broke into tears. He wonders what the two talked about, but he didn’t bother to ask. The world went wild over the King of Pirates’ birth, and the Navvy started acting aggressively. This is a good opportunity for them since Roger is not feeling well and hiding his illness.

But he is glad that he has a strong crew of pirates. Rayleigh reads that wealth, power, fame, the man who attained everything, The King of the Pirate, Gold Roger. Roger laughed and said it is Gol D. Roger but being called King of the Pirates is not so bad. Rayleigh comments that he understands why the World Government wants to cover Roger’s name like that. Oden is glad the world called everything that Roger gained the great treasure of One Piece collectively.

Roger comments that they don’t know anything, and Rayleigh adds that everyone is coming to get Roger because of fame. Different crews of pirates ship set sail, and they want to take down Roger. They think that they will get the great treasure of One Piece. Garp is also on his way to take down Roger with his men. Garp told the Marines to find Roger and other pirates crew comments that plunder his treasurer. They also shout that ”Gold” Roger has everything.

A Pirate named Kaido

One Piece

One Piece

Roger is not worried about anything; he is relaxing and enjoying his life with his pirate crew. Later, Roger gathers his crew and reveals that he has made it this far with such limited life expectancy, but he can’t believe it. He gives a heart-touching speech, and the crew wonders why Roger is talking like this. They started to call him a fool and told him to stop making them blush.

They said that to stop Roger from giving a heart-touching speech. Roger said it is fine; he will just say it without beating around the bush. Roger said that ”The Roger Pirates are disbanded.” He smiles and touches Shanks’s head while in the sea; the creatures reveal something. They reveal that another ruler will be born, and two rulers will meet one day again. Roger and Oden keep on hearing those worlds revealed by sea creatures.

Later they head to the Land of Wano, and Oden reunites with his family. Momonosuke father to Oden for the first time, and he was happy to hear that. But Oden saw a factory at the Land of Wano and wonders what is that smoke coming from. Later Oden notices that they wanted to tell him about his father. Oden said that it is a shame that he couldn’t be with him when he died.

Kinemon reveals that Orochi has become a Shogun. He reveals that Orochi has made weapon factories and treats people as his slaves. Raizo reveals that Orochi is working with a pirate named Kaido. A man who refuses to serve Orochi and Kaido gets executed. Oden gets angry and decided to face Orochi and Kaido.

One Piece Episode 970 Release Date

One Piece Episode 970 will release on Sunday, 18 April 2021, at 9:30 AM. You will be able to watch One Piece online on CrunchyrollFunimation, and Netflix. Let’s move to preview and the updates of the upcoming updates below.

Read Spoilers & Preview: One Piece Episode 969.

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