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One Piece

The war between the Roger Pirates and the Whitebeard Pirates lasted three days and three nights. The battle ended as a stalemate and both Pirates crew celebrated by having a banquet together. Later, Roger discovered that Oden could read the script on the Road Ponegliff. The Ponegliff details the location of the last island, and Roger borrows Oden to travel with him just for a year. Whitebeard refuses in the first place, but he agrees when Oden begs him. Oden set on a journey with Roger.

On their way, they enjoy singing pirates songs and drinking booze. They also enjoy singing the song that Brook loves to sing in the future. Buggy and Shanks was happy traveling with Oden, who will show the way to the new islands. Oden and Tsuki comment that they like this ship. They want to travel like this forever. Later Oden notices that Logo Pose is pointing at the sky. He asks if it is broken, and Roger said it is not. Roger said that they are going to the sky, and they entered a Knock Up Stream that sent them up.

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Roger’s ship flies to the sky after being hit by Knock Up Stream. Shanks was surprised when they arrive since he saw an island. Buggy comments that it is a Sky Island, and they are welcomed by people who stayed there. Oden enjoys riding the waver, but he couldn’t ride it properly. The guys from Sky Island comments that it takes 10 years to handle a waver.  They head to the forest, Oden, Shanks, and Buggy got chased by monsters and snakes. Later they arrive in the City of Gold, Shandora. Oden saw a Ponegliff and reads it.

Roger’s Message

One Piece
One Piece

After reading the stone, they head to where the message they read is leading them. Shanks and Buggy were the first ones to find the Shandora’s grand belfry and notified others. Buggy asks Roger how they can take, and he told him that he doesn’t have time. When Buggy becomes a captain, he will come and get it for himself. Roger comments that the stone is easy to find since it has a stronger voice inside it. Oden steps forward and reveals the stone is talking about a weapon named Poseidon.

Roger told Oden to carve the message that he will tell him on the stone. When Oden is writing Roger’s message on the stone, he realizes that Roger is left with a year to live. But he finds it hard to believe since Roger is leaving with such urgency. Oden decided that he will accompany Roger on every journey of his life. Oden finished writing Roger’s message on the stone. Roger reveals his message and reads that I made it here. I will guide this text to the end of the earth, Pirate Gol D Roger.

Oden comments that he will see the final chapter of the great adventure that Roger is devoting his life to. Later they set sail, and Roger told them that they are going back to the Blue Sea. With the help of Ganfor, the god above the clouds, Roger’s Pirates landed on the Blue Sea safely. Buggy and Shanks argue that Sky Island is located at the north or south pole.

Fish-Man Island

One Piece
One Piece

Buggy insists that it is located on the north pole, and Shanks said it is on the south pole. When the two are about to fight, Rayleigh smashed their heads, and they stop fighting. Rayleigh comment that the two keep on fighting and no one care if it is south pole or north pole. Oden comments that he wants to visit both the south and north poles. Rayleigh asks Roger where they are going next. Roger reveals that their next destination is the last island on the Grand Line.

But to get there, they need copies of all Road Ponegliffs. Oden told them that there is one in the Land of Wano. Roger can’t believe that Land of Wano has the Red Stone that he needs most. He said they would get a copy of Linlin’s Road Ponegliff that he took by force. Roger receives the message that the ship is broken. The crew headed for the shipbuilding town to repair the ship. They arrive at Water Seven, City of Water, Gran Line. They met with Tom and Kokoro, who will fix the ship, and they are happy to meet again.

Oden met with a boy who doesn’t wear pants, and the boy told him not to disturb him. The boy reveals that pirates abandoned him. After the ship has been repaired, they head to Fish-Man Island. On their way, Roger receives a message that the new ruler will be born. They met with King Neptune, who welcomed them, but he was scared of the prophecy.

One Piece Episode 968 Release Date and Preview

One Piece Episode 968 will release on Sunday, 4 April 2021, at 9:30 AM. You will be able to watch One Piece online on  CrunchyrollFunimation, and Netflix. Let’s move to preview and the development of the upcoming updates below.


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