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Spoilers and Preview: One Piece Episode 967

One Piece

After Oden joined the Whitebeard Pirates, they arrived at an island where the Roger Pirates are. Buggy is the one who spotted them and warned Roger, who is glad to meet Whitebeard again. Rayleigh didn’t want to fight since they have just finished whipping out the Marines. Oden was the first to encounter Roger, but he got thrashed, and Whitebeard clashes his sword with Roger. One Piece has returned from the weekly break. Let’s look at the updates below.

Oden thought he has was on the same level as Roger, but he manages to swoop some pirates using Gun Modoki. Rayleigh and wanted to take on Oden, but Roger jumps in and punishes Oden with Divine punishment. After smashing with multiple trees, Oden comments, what the hell was that. But Whitebeard comes to the rescue, and Oden is suppressed when the two clashes their swords. Today we will be talking about Roger’s Wish, A New Journey.

Previously on One Piece Episode 966

Roger and Whitebeard blast has shaken the entire island. They both jump back and draws back their weapons. Whitebeard bangs his sword with the grounds and comments that it has been long. Roger asks how long it has been Newgate, and Whitebeard laughs. Marco, Fossa, Vista, Jozu, Rakuyo, White Bay, and Teeth were ready to clash. Those are magnificent seven combined from the Whitebear Pirates groups. Rayleigh, Nozudon, Sambel, Shanks, Gaban, and Buggy are from the Roger Pirates group.

The Roger Pirates vs. The Whitebeard Pirates

One Piece

One Piece

The two captains laugh while their allies are waiting for the action. After finishing to laugh, they both said, what you’ve to give whatever you’ve got. They are referring to treasures and the Pirates group. That signals both Pirates crew to start a war, and Oden was stunned to see the two captains. The two great Pirates of the age clashed, and it was the Roger Pirates vs. the Whitebeard Pirates. The battle day and night without eating and during.

The tense, fraught battle lasted three days and three nights. Marco attacks Rayleigh, who points the finger at him and told him that he is always serious. Rayleigh unleashes a khaki while Buggy and Shanks battle with Rakuyo and Fossa. The two pirates exchange bloody blows that almost took away their lives. On the third day of the battle, Whitebeard and Roger stopped for a moment, trying to take a breath. Their Pirates crews also stoped, and they continue to clash when the two continues.

Later the battle ended with a draw, and on the fourth day, they both celebrate. They share everything they have got since it was a stalemate. But some Pirates wanted to drink the booze alone. Rayleigh told them to share since they both deserved it, and it is time for gift exchange now. Marco and Teeth think Buggy and Shanks don’t look strong. But they behave as veterans, and Buggy talks about Teeth with Shanks. Buggy told Shanks that Teeth didn’t sleep yesterday during the ceasefire at night.

Red Stones-Ponegliffs

Shanks thinks Teeth is trying to make a showoff, and Buggy reveals that Teeth has never slept once since he was born. Shanks wonders if there is such a person in life, but he is enjoying his life twice as much as them. Buggy comments that Teeth is a monster while Roger asks Oden if he can read. Oden replies yes and asks why Roger has this writing. Oden reveals that knowledge script has been passed down from his father to the only son per generation in the Kozuki Clan.

One Piece

One Piece

They both enjoy drinking booze with Whitebeard, and Roger comments that it has been 13 years. He reveals that they finally made it to Lodestar Island, the last island that the Log Poss points to, which no man has ever set foot upon. But as they explore, they notice that Lodestar was not the last island. The needles on the Log Pose just kept on spinning and didn’t point to anywhere. Roger said he was convinced that there was one more island. He reveals that when he makes it there, he will be the first person ever to travel all around the world.

He shows Oden the location of the island that is detailed in writing on four of the read stones. But the World Government has always forbidden anyone from deciphering them. Roger reveals that the red stones are called Ponegliffs, and he thought they were just cultural artifacts. But they are an important map for them, and the Government is telling them not to go to the last island. The last island holds a vast amount of treasures, and if they go there, they will be named the world’s greatest pirate group.

Roger and Oden’s Journey

Oden was impressed by Roger’s speech, and he asks White-Bear to allow him to see the last island. Whitebeard gets angry and comments that Oden is like his brother. He uses his power to freeze the air and then break it like a flash. The next day Whitebeard allows Oden to travel with Roger just for one year. The minks told Oden to go they will remain with Whitebeard. They told him that they would be waiting for him to return, and Marco bids Oden farewell.

Whitebeard couldn’t see Oden going, and his pirates aks him if he is not sending Oden off. They told him that Roger had left a lot of treasure and food for them. Whitebeard told them to give it back, and he won’t forgive them if they let Kozuki Oden’s family go hungry. The Roger Pirates set on their journey with Oden and his family. They are glad to see Oden’s kids, Momonosuke and Hiyori.  On their way, they stopped at a nearby island, and Oden, Shanks, Buggy, and Gaban head out. They clash with some filthy pirates who got defeated by Oden’s sword style.

One Piece Episode 967 Release Date

One Piece Episode 967 will release on Sunday, 28 March 2021, at 9:30 AM. You will be able to watch One Piece online on CrunchyrollFunimation, and Netflix. Let’s move to preview and the recent development of the upcoming update below.

One Piece Episode 967 Preview

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