One Piece Episode 869 Spoilers

One Piece fans are in for a treat for the next few episodes. The final battle between Katakuri and Luffy has finally kicked off. It is only a matter of time before we reach the conclusion. Before we begin, I would like to warn you that this post is full of spoilers and if you don’t like spoilers then it is advised that you stop reading right now. With that out of the way, let’s begin.

In the previous episode, we saw Katakuri fighting against Luffy. Luffy was being battered by Katakuri. Luffy was weak after he was attacked by Flampe with her needle. Katakuri was enraged at Luffy’s inability to stand and fight. Katakuri managed to land a critical hit on Luffy.

One Piece Episode 869

Katakuri soon figured that his sister, Flampe was behind all this. He confronted her and stabbed himself with his own spear. Then, he threw away his scarf that was covering his face. Katakuri and Luffy released their Conqueror’s Haki, which made everyone around them unconscious.

Then they proceeded to trade blows. Now moving on to the next episode, we will see Luffy still trying to gain control over his observation haki. Unless he manages to gain control over his haki, he won’t be able to hit Katakuri effectively.

It would be worth seeing if Luffy can manage to master the observation Haki and fight on equal footing against Katakuri.

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