One Piece Episode 861 – The Cake Is In Danger!

In the previous episode of One Piece, Bege decided to take things into his hands and rescue Chiffon from Oven. Sanji decided to dock the wedding cake to Bege’s ship and escape with Chiffon in tow. Meanwhile, the folks inside the Sunny are surrounded with hundreds of Tart Ships. How will the two groups escape the Big Mom Pirates in One Piece episode 861?

One Piece Episode 861 – Oven’s Fiery Wrath

The wedding cake is halfway finished; Sanji and his crew of chefs only need to make sure that cake is coated with the Sim Sim Whipped cream. However, Oven will not let Chiffon and Bege escape. Now that Sanji’s identity is also revealed, he will also be chased down by Oven and his crew. That’s why in the last episode, Sanji kicked the cake and transferred it to Bege’s ship. Bege and Chiffon reunite with each other as the ship run over Oven, who refused to move when the ship was approaching.

Since there are tart ships behind Bege, they need to head for the southeastern seas to escape the town. While they’re leaving, Pez saw Pound and laughed. Pound is waving back at him, thinking about how Chiffon is happy with Bege. As they get to the sea, all of the fish started floating dead. That’s because the sea is boiling as Oven used his power to damage Bege’s ship. Their lives, as well as the cake, are all in danger of being boiled.

One Piece episode 861 would be the last time that we will see Pound in action. That’s because to stop Oven from boiling the ship; Pound will hit Oven with a club. And while he’s at it, Pound will say his silent farewell to Chiffon and her family. As Bege and the rest sailed away into the sea, Oven killed Pound with his sword.

Sanji and his chefs started to decorate the cake. The Sunny is now being chased by Big Mom and his tart ships. Will they be able to get away or is this the end for the Straw Hat and Fire Tank Pirates? Stay tuned for One Piece episode 861 updates.



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