One Piece Episode 861 Release Date And Spoilers

Hey everyone! Today, we’ll be discussing One Piece Episode 861with you guys, because it’s that time of the week again. One Piece Episode 869 was a hit and miss episode for me, and I enjoyed some sections of it while the others weren’t as good. The episode felt needlessly dragged out to me, and I hope that the next one is a fair improvement on it.

One Piece Episode 861 Release Date

We mainly got to see Bege saving his wife and hitting Oven in the face. Later on, Sanji lifted the cake, and they escaped from Cacao Island. Luffy wondered whether he could look into the future just like Katakuri as well, while the Sunny runs into trouble with the Big Mom Pirates fleet.

Overall I think the previous episode was a 5/10 but would’ve been better had the pacing been a bit more in line with the previous episodes. We’re now looking forward to One Piece Episode 861, and I’m really excited for some of the stuff that I know the next episode will cover.

One Piece Episode 861 Spoilers

The most interesting thing from One Piece Episode 861 is going to be Pound’s death, of course. He’s a been an important character in One Piece’s Whole Cake Island arc and I feel the next Episode will be mostly dedicated to him. The anime will likely extend some of the scenes that we saw in the manga, and that’s what I’m waiting for.

We will see a flashback where Pound is thrown out by Big Mom. As Pound helps the Firetank Pirates escape, Oven is infuriated, and he executes him immediately. I’m ready for yet another emotional episode in Whole Cake Island. The episode where Pedro died was definitely one of my favorites.

I think the direction was absolutely incredible. I hope for the same in the next episode. We will also see Luffy jumping back into the Mirror World and the fight between him and Katakuri resuming.

Where to Watch One Piece Episode 861?

There are some unofficial sites like KissAnime that allow you to watch One Piece. However, please support the official release by streaming the episode over Crunchyroll, or Funimation and help the anime industry. One Piece Episode 861 will air on 11 November 2018.

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