One Piece Episode 860 – The Cake Will Be Destroyed?

In the previous episode of One Piece, Luffy managed to dodge enemy attacks and escape Big Mom’s attention for a while. However, he was plagued with Big Mom’s attack and no one knows if he survived it unscratched. Meanwhile, in the Cacao Island, Bege’s crew is coming to save Chiffon. With Oven intervening in this whole cake business, will Sanji and the crew be able to decorate the cake in One Piece episode 860?

One Piece Episode 860 Trailer And Spoilers

Because Bege’s ship is approaching the Cacao Island, Oven will have a brilliant plan and will order his men to hook a speaker in his Den Den Mushi. He will then broadcast to Bege that Chiffon is taken as a hostage and if he doesn’t want something to happen, he must surrender himself. While Oven is online, Chiffon takes the opportunity to tell Bege to go and leave without her. She will tell them to leave and avenge her death someday.

But of course, Bege is Bege, and he will not leave Chiffon behind because there’s no reason to avenge if he can save her. While he’s getting nearer to the port, he surprisingly shot Oven, which means that the deal is off. He will then tell Pez to burn the scene into his eyes, as that is Bege’s way of living. After that, Bege and the Fire Tank Pirates were surrounded by the Big Mom Pirates.

In the Sunny, the remaining Straw Hat Pirates are all surrounded and is preparing for battle than to escape. On an unknown part of Whole Cake Island, Luffy was seen resting in one of the houses while Katakuri is waiting in the Mirror World. Luffy has been thinking about the fight and his training with Rayleigh. He will state that he also want to see a glimpse of the future to surpass the 1 Billion Beri Man. That’s it for One Piece episode 860 spoilers. Stay tuned for more updates.

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