One Piece Episode 860 Release Date And Spoilers

The Whole Cake Island arc has been such a roller-coaster up until now. In the previous episode, Sanji came out as the hero for everyone. The cake was nearly ready and was about to be taken to Big Mom, but then Oven arrived and messed up everything. He almost killed Chiffon, if not for Sanji, she would have been actually dead. On the other hand, Pound got mixed up in something too and died.

By the end of the episode, we saw Bege arriving on the Cacao Island to put his wife in safety, but Oven messed up things there too. He holds Bege’s wife in his hands now. We know that Bege would definitely not tolerate this and blow Oven up. Boy, Oven has been messing around everywhere he goes. Still, everyone manages to get on Bege’s ship with the cake and the plan from here on out is to finish making/baking the cake on the ship and hand it to Big Mom at sea. But Oven messes in between again and tries to burn the ship. Thanks to Pound who intervenes in between which gives Bege a chance to get the hell out of there.

One Piece Episode 860 Spoilers

One Piece episode 860

In my opinion, the next episode is going to be somewhat emotional. The anime is going to focus on Luffy now for a while. All of us already know that Luffy does not have his Haki yet which he can acquire back in 10 minutes. But his 10 minutes are not up yet. He is running and is currently at Nuts Island where he will have to run away from Big Mom again. He just needs to keep pushing harder. As far as Luffy vs. Katakuri fight is concerned, it will happen soon but not before some interesting events. The Strawhats Pirates are not finished with Big Mom Pirates yet and will fight them at sea again.

One Piece Episode 860 Release Date

One Piece Episode 860 will be released on 4th November 2018 on its official timing.

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