One Piece Episode 858 – Crisis Again! Gear 4 vs Muso Donuts

In the last episode of One Piece, Luffy finally managed to land some solid hit to Katakuri who was untouchable before. Gear Fourth is effective and Luffy managed to hurt Katakuri for the first time, after how many episodes. However, things started to go south again as Katakuri regained his senses. Now that Katakuri is back to his calm and invincible self, Luffy is once again in a pinch. With Gear Fourth’s time limit, will he survive in One Piece episode 858?

One Piece Episode 858 – Luffy’s Savior

Luffy is back to square one when Katakuri started to calm down and use his Observation Haki to its fullness once again. Another one-sided beating will happen and Luffy is on the bad side of things. Even though Gear Fourth is more powerful than that of the last gear, he will still be no match for Katakuri. Instead of his usual attacks, Katakuri will use Muso Donuts attack.

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Katakuri will kinda remind him unintentionally that Gear Fourth has a time limit, so he will run away from him to take a rest. However, Katakuri will not let him rest again so he attacked while the Straw Hat is escaping. Gear Fourth was undone and Luffy will not survive Katakuri’s attack without using Haki. And what’s even worse is that Katakuri is on his tail.

Luckily for him, he will encounter Brulee, who happened to be sitting in a corner. With Brulee, he escaped the Mirror World into the real world. Unfortunately for him, he entered a mirror connected to Nuts Island. He and Big Mom will be reunited in One Piece episode 858. What’s even worse is that he can’t use Haki to fight back. When he thought that he escaped the big fish, a bigger fish will appear to threaten his life.

Meanwhile, in the Chocolat Town, Chiffon finished baking the gigantic cake (so fluffy it would float). Sanji will finish his Sim Sim Whip and Pudding will make a chocolate ganache out of the whip (so silky its trying to escape the container). The only thing left to do is to decorate the cake in the ship. And that’s it for One Piece spoilers. Stay tuned for more One Piece anime and manga spoilers.

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