One Piece Episode 856 – Where To Stream It?

One Piece anime is currently focused on Katakuri vs. Luffy. This is easily the biggest fight of the year. So far Luffy hasn’t been able to hit top gear or let’s just say that his top gear isn’t enough to beat the Mochi God. Katakuri has got the upper hand in the fight so far. Before we go any further, let me warn you that this post has spoilers for One Piece. If you don’t like reading spoilers, then I would recommend staying away. Now that we have got it out of the way let’s begin with the post.

In the previous episode, Katakuri was all over Luffy. He hasn’t given Luffy any breathing space so far. However, Katakuri complimented that no one had managed to dodge his attacks quite like Luffy, which is a big compliment coming from the strongest Sweet Commander. In the last episode, we saw Katakuri using his awakening to settle things with Luffy once and for all.

Luffy was surprised to see that Katakuri had also managed to awaken his devil fruit. It was fairly obvious that the further we go into the New World, more and more awakened devil fruit users will pop up. Doflamingo was just the beginning of the nuisance. When I say nuisance I mean the problem it causes for Luffy and co. Of course, it’s fairly obvious that along the way Luffy is going to awaken his devil fruit as well.

One Piece 856 Spoilers

The next episode of One Piece is titled, “The Forbidden Secret! Katakuri’s Merienda!” In this episode, we will see Katakuri going into his shrine and eat his food. Katakuri thought that he had done enough to kill Luffy with his awakening but, we all know it’s impossible. Luffy will enter Katakuri’s secret place and uncover a huge secret.

The episode will come out on October 7, 2018. The episode will be available on official streaming sites such as Crunchyroll. However, you can also watch it on some illegal sites as well. But, it is advised to use the official only and support the anime community.

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